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Lower braces

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Two months ago I made the decision to get adult braces and have a set of 6 Month Smiles fitted. You can read my story and see my before photos here but in a nutshell I was really happy with my smile apart from one pesky tooth on the bottom that had moved over the years after my set of teenage fixed braces. After a lot of thought I decided to get my Six Month Smiles and two months on I can’t believe my experience so farBreakages on the braces

Yet another attractive photo!

After my fitting I knocked off one of my incisor brackets within the first couple of days in my sleep. It was set quite high on my tooth and because I have long top teeth it was inevitable. I booked back into my dentist and they simply re-attached the bracket a little lower his time so it didn’t catch.

A few weeks later I accidentally broke off three brackets  at the back enjoying a steak on a meal out – my own fault for attempting to chow down on something a little too risky but as my braces weren’t hurting or causing any problems at all I genuinely just forgot I had them on when I was at the table! *oops* One back bracket on the right and two from the left – I managed to save two of them but I think I ate the last one! I booked in again with my dentist who attached three new brackets and sent me out the door feeling determined not to break any more!

Luckily since then I’ve had no other problems and by my first proper check up appointment eight weeks after installation all my brackets were in-tact and my teeth had already started to move!

Six Month Smiles

Staining – the thing I was most worried about!

I had some staining on my braces by the time my second main appointment rolled around. I’ve avoided curry and anything with turmeric and cut back on my tea and coffee a little but I still have around two cups a day and I have been naughty and indulged in a couple of glasses of red wine too. I’m finding cleaning ok but it is tricky to get in-between the wires sometimes which is how the yellow colour appears. Luckily my dentist said that most of this is actually on the brackets themselves and will clean right off when i’m brace free!Adult braces

My results at 2 months are absolutely astounding – my snaggletooth is nearly 100% level already! If you remember just how far back it was before there is such a massive difference and I’m completely blown away! With a little filing the wire will have my tooth in it’s fully finished position within the next few weeks! The only thing left to do is to pull it down a little as it’s still sitting higher than the rest of my lower teeth.

At my appointment my dentist (The Beaufort Dental Health Centre) removed the bracket on my problem tooth and re-attached it a little higher than the rest. This will simply pull the tooth down so the wire is straight and my tooth no longer protrudes over my bottom lip – it’s as easy as that! She cleaned up my other brackets a little (nearly as good as new – can I have one of those power cleaners at home?!) and re-attached my 2nd strength wire. I’m booked in again in another 4 weeks for (hopefully) a final checkup and possibly to attach the 3rd strength wire if we need it.

I’m absolutely blown away by my 6 month smiles treatment so far and I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. I’m completely used to my braces and although they don’t cause any hassle I’m just really excited to have them off and see my brand new smile…and eat a big fat curry! I’ll be checking in again at the end of my treatment with another update and of course those all important final before and after photos and I’m also working on a video diary of my adult braces journey!

You can find out more about 6 Month Smiles and whether they’re right for you on their website here!  

Have you had 6 month smiles before? What were your results like?

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* 6 month smiles paid for my treatment in exchange for me honestly blogging and vlogging about my experience.


  • I’ve been wanting to have my teeth straighened for about 10 years now, and never had the money! Now i’m engaged, i’m becoming increasingly more aware that my big day, albeit over a year and a half away, will require me to smile. especially if i want to look back at photos! At the moment, i cant stand my teeth and am always self concious that other people are looking at them! I had braces when i was 12, but the period in which my teeth were actually straight was so brief, i can’t actually remember it! (my retainer went missing and by the time a new one was made, they’d moved back!) So ive been looking at adult braces, both 18 month treatments and the 6 month smiles (and other similar branded treatments). To me, 6 months only seems realistic for those with minor alignment issues, rather than the full realignment of both upper and lower jaws that i require. I’m very concious that the after the 6 months, the teeth will ping back to where they were, so i was looking at a longer, slower process of tilting the teeth rather than moving them (which i hear is near impossible, and quite painful as an adult, as our jaws have fused following the loss of our baby teeth) so there is less risk of moving back. the longer process also means i can have a fixed chain wire at the back of the teeth forever, so they never move back, but are still able to move ever so slightly, as the teeth normally do day to day anyway.

    I’d love to know how long your realignment lasts for afterwards, as this is the real deciding factor for me! As essentially, the 6 month and the 12/18 month are the same price (which also seems a bit odd, considering there’s double the amount of work and checkups in the 12 month!)

    really impressed with your progress so far though!

    • You get a permanent wire with the 6 month smiles along with a night time clear retainer for 6 months to assure they don’t move back. As long as you’re going for your 6 monthly regular dental checkups to make sure teeth haven’t come away form the wire and you wear your retainer then they will never move! xax

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