The Rock Musical With So Much Heart | The Kinks Sunny Afternoon


“You took the world by the balls and shook”

I watch a lot of theatre. Musicals, they’re my favourite. So when a show comes along that leaves me bouncing out the doors when that curtain falls it’s a very special moment indeed.

Last night was press night for the UK Tour of The Kinks Sunny Afternoon, a four-time Olivier Award winning Musical about the rise and influence of The Kinks, one of the world’s most influential British rock groups of the 60’s.

It was one of those nights where I walked into the theatre knowing some of the big numbers but not really a lot else about what I was about to watch. We got a glass of wine, sat down and waited for the show to begin. What unfolded was some of the most heartwarming, riveting, and quite frankly down right awesome theatre I’ve seen in a long time.


Usually I’d sit here and talk through the costumes which were so cool it hurt, the set which was minimal but portrayed everything it needed to with ease, the storyline which has me laughing, tearing up and on the edge of my seat etc and also tell you about how the musicians blew me away as did the voice of Ryan O’Donnell as Ray Davies.

But I feel like I shouldn’t. I feel as though Sunny Afternoon needs to be seen and not just read about. The heartwarming story of following your dreams, sticking true to yourself regardless of what the world tells you and never giving up with some INCREDIBLE songs thrown in for good measure.


“Don’t put yourself down, there’s plenty of other people out there who will do that for you.”

I feel as if I was born in the wrong era and The Kinks have been on repeat through my spotify since I left the theatre. But it’s not just the music that’s stuck with me from this one. If you’re looking for an uplifting, inspirational and down right wonderful night then The Kinks Sunny Afternoon is for you.

I implore you to see this show.

The Kinks Sunny Afternoon is touring the UK – Get your tickets from the Box Office NOW!