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*New sofa debut!

You might have seen on Facebook and Twitter last week I’ve been recruiting! When I went to Cyprus a couple of weeks back I asked some of my favourite bloggers to guest post for me so I could totally switch off and relax while I was away. The guest posts went down so well I made the decision to assemble a team of writers to help me on a more permanent basis.

So many of you applied and I got to read some absolutely wonderful blogs – thank you so much to everyone who put themselves forward, the response was quite incredible and a real honour. After a lot of blog reading I found my new contributor and we’ve been working behind the scenes all week to get them all set up with fancy new photos and a big box of beauty products in the post!

So here they are, the newest member of xameliax!

Stephanie Head Shot


Stephanie is a beauty lover from Hertfordshire. Video Production by day and beauty blogging by night, Stephanie loves Costa Coffee, pugs, owls, shabby chic & eyeshadow palettes!

Stephanie also writes over at Hope Freedom Love