How To Make A Skinny Cosmopolitan | Cocktail Recipe

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Counting those calories but still fancy a tipple at the weekend? I’ve got you covered with my Skinny Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe! The Cosmo is a real classic but did you know one of these SITC faves can rack up nearly 250kcals per drink…ouch! But with my skinny version you can still have the taste of your favourite pink drink with half the alcohol and half the calories – that means we can have two right?!

Lose it like Lauren joins me for this one and there’s a lot of giggling so if you need a refresher of what goes inside that shaker then you can find the full recipe in the information bar on Youtube – don’t forget to click that subscribe button while you’re there!

Let me know if you’d like to see more cocktail videos on my channel and which one we should tackle next!

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