How To Do Tortoise Shell Nail Art with Gel Polish

how to do tortoise shell nails
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How to do tortoise shell nails
– A Tutorial with Gel Nails

You’ve probably been seeing tortoise shell nails everywhere right now, they’re the manicure of the moment! So I’m here with a super easy tutorial to help you get this latest trend onto those fingers without having to step foot in a salon.

If you already do your own gel nails at home then you can go ahead and click play on my video below. It’s a pretty straightforward design, and with a bit of practice you’ll have it *ahem* nailed, in no time!

If you’re new to DIY gel nails, then take a look at my easy tutorial for how to do gel nails at home!

You also might want to watch my video on how to paint perfect cuticles every time for a little more of a professional edge.

Once you’ve got those two mastered, come back and watch my tortoise shell nail art tutorial right here!

How To Do Tortoise Shell Nails!

Products Used

Gel Nail Starter Kit
Polish Mixing Tray
Nail Art Brushes
Gel Base and Top Coat
Mylee Let the Sun Shine
Mylee Raspberry
Mylee Wellie Boots
Mylee Not in the Mud
Mylee Stalker

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When you see these tortoise shell nails they look so intricate, but breaking it down into layers like this makes them incredibly easy to do! You could wear them as an accent nail with black, a lovely deep red or maybe even a summery yellow. You could mix them up with other autumnal colours or go full on and paint them on every nail!

However you decide to wear your tortoise shell nails, you can guarantee people will notice them and ask you where you had them done! (don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me!)

I also made a tutorial for tortoise shell nails many many years ago using regular polish and cling film! It’s still a really great technique – although my nail painting skills and filming skills have improved quite a bit since then! So if you’re not wanting to use gel polish to get this effect then take a look at my blog post for that one here.

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