How to paint neat cuticles every time

How to paint neat cuticles

How to Paint Neat Cuticles at Home

We’ve all been there. We’ve had our nails done at the salon and absolute LOVED the professional finish, but when we try to re-create it at home, it’s just not the same! Well I’m about to save the day with my top tip for creating a salon quality mani at home in gel or regular polish…and it’s all in the cuticles! Here’s how to paint neat cuticles at home, every time.

You won’t believe how easy this simple tip is and how much of a difference it will make to your DIY nails – you’ll soon be painting those cuticles like a pro. You can use regular polish or gel polish for this and they will work in the same way.

How to paint neat cuticles

1. Gently push back cuticles with an orange stick. If you want to make this easier, just soak your hands in warm water beforehand. This will make your cuticles lovely and neat before we even touch the nail polish!

2. Use cutters to trim excess skin. Be really careful with this and make sure you leave a bit of cuticle there.

3. Get your polish ready and paint your base coat.

4. Start ¾ of the way down your nail and push towards the cuticle. This will give you a nice neat line and means you won’t go over the edge of the nail.

5. Colour the rest of the nail in using varying amounts of pressure on the brush.

6. Tilt your nails and the brush as you go to create a half moon shape. Don’t keep your fingers rigid – move them around to help you get those perfect lines!

7. Thin for the win! Paint two thin coats, tracing the lines of the first coat when you do the second. Leave to dry (or cure if you’re using gel) in between each coat.

Watch my video guide to painting neat cuticles every time

Now you know how to paint neat cuticles, your next step is to start on some nail art! Check our my glitter gel nail tutorial to get started. If you’re still struggling with your neatness, I’ve got more advice on doing gel nails yourself at home.

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