How To Prevent Prickly Heat! | Top Tips on How To Beat and Treat Prickly Heat & Heat Rash

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On my travels I’ve been trying out different methods on how to prevent prickly heat or even how to cure a prickly heat rash quickly when it appears…and I finally cracked it! 

I absolutely love the sunshine and the heat but sadly my sensitive skin doesn’t do so well! I always seem to get heat rash or prickly heat about two-three days into any holiday, and not only does it put a stopper in the tanning works, this red skin rash (or sweat rash as it’s sometimes called!) can be really sore and irritating too.

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Prevention of prickly heat

The best thing to do is to stop prickly heat from even forming and you won’t believe how easy that is – Antihistamine Tablets – The best prickly heat rash remedy around!

Start taking one a day about a week before your holiday and continue while you’re out there and 9/10 times you’ll be completely rash free!

Of course always read the label and consult your pharmacist/GP before taking any little white pills but this little tip kept my chest and arms perfectly clear for a whole 10 days in one of the hottest countries I’ve ever visited – I was one happy (and toasty warm) bunny!

How to prevent prickly heat


If you are unlucky enough to have already got prickly heat and you want to know what to use for heat rash then I’ve found a great product for helping to sooth the skinCardiospermum Gel . This odd-sounding item contains a very clever gel that helps to soothe sore and dry skin instantly and is great to have to hand if you need something.

And last but not least – good old fashioned Aloe Vera Gel! Good quality and great for any sunburn too – keep it in your room (even in the mini bar fridge if you have one) for a super cooling and calming treatment that will really help calm down angry prickly skin.

So the next time you jet off to warmer climates – or heaven forbid the sun comes out on our little island – make sure you’re stocked up on your heat rash cure so you’re ready to show that prickly heat who’s boss!

What are your top tips for staying cool in the heat? How do you treat prickly heat?


Thanks for reading my article on how to prevent prickly heat and cure heat rash – I really hope it helps on your next holiday!