HiSmile Review : At Home Teeth Whitening with Real Results in Just 6 Days!

HiSmile Review
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We’ve all seen the adverts for this popular at home teeth whitening kit, but when you look for a HiSmile Review, it’s hard to find. How do you know if these before and after photos are actually real?

HiSmile retails at just £49.99 and boasts whiter teeth in 6 days with just 10 minutes use – sounds too good to be true right? They’ve recently launched a brand new teeth whitening formula and asked me to give it a go and film my very own HiSmile Review…and I’m not one to turn down a teeth whitening challenge!

Avid xameliax readers will know that I had my teeth professionally done about 9 years ago and it was such a great decision for me at the time. Over the years they haven’t quite gone back to their original yellow colour, but they have lost a little whiteness. I blame the red wine and curry!

So as I’ve become somewhat a connoisseur of at home teeth whitening treatments, HiSmile wanted me to give their new formula a go and report back in it’s results, value for money and any sensitivity too!

HiSmile Review:

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As always, make sure you chat to your dentist before starting any new teeth whitening system – they’re important to look after!
I’m pretty impressed with the HiSmile system – for it’s price point I think its worth a punt. Easy to use, SUPER quick and comfortable with no sensitivity for me.

So there you have it – my HiSmile review with before and after real results! Leave me a comment on the video if you’ve tried the HiSmile teeth whitening kit and it worked for you!

…now, where did I put that glass of red wine?!