End of the Month Money Diary: Puppy Birthdays and Girly Night’s In!

It’s nearly the end of the month and having just booked a lovely holiday to Greece (the relaxation countdown is on!) we decided to try and cut back a little this week in order to keep those savings afloat!

I’m a big believer in saving what you can whilst still enjoying life. I don’t spend beyond my means, but I do still like to enjoy myself where possible – life is too short not to treat yourself every now and again amiright?!


We’d been to a wedding this weekend and were a little on the delicate side! I decided to treat us to a Mcdonalds on the 3 hour journey home for a bit of a grease session! Two big mac meals, some sugary coke and £10.18 later we were back on the road and feeling a lot brighter!

While we were away our lovely friend was looking after Toby the dog for us so I picked up a bunch of Springy flowers and some chocolate (£10) to say thank you before bundling him back into the car and snuggling up in front of the TV for the rest of our Bank Holiday Monday.

Daily Total: £20.18



We talked all about the power of No Spend Day’s in last month’s Money Diary, as a fantastic way to help you budget and save money. Today was one of those days eating out the cupboards and working away in the home office.

Daily Total: £0!


Today the boyfriend was a away for work and I didn’t shut my laptop until about 8pm. I couldn’t be bothered to cook so I popped over to Tesco and picked up a Ready Meal and a big bag of popcorn to enjoy in front of a big RuPaul Binge-watching session! (£3.70)

I opened a bottle of wine from the rack and settled down in my favourite set of pjs – the perfect Wednesday!

Daily Total: £3.70


On Thursday my gorgeous friend Maggie came over for a long-overdue catch up and wanted to cook us dinner. Not one to turn down free food, or kitchen responsibilities we said yes please and all enjoyed a delicious Red Thai Curry together!

I popped to the shops to pick up some of her fave choccies for desert, a bottle of wine and some limes for a couple of cheeky pre-dinner cocktails (£11.80) – Thursday is the new Friday ya’ll!

Daily Total: £11.80!


Today was a busy one as I scrabbled to get my last bits of work done for the week so I didn’t really leave the house.

After work the boyfriend brought home a yummy Dine in for £10 from Tesco which cooked itself while he watched the rugby and I painted my nails! They’re such a bargain for a lazy Friday night when you can’t be bothered to cook and just want to chill. A main meal, a side, a desert and a bottle of wine for £10 – much cheaper than a takeaway and just as easy.

Daily Total: £0 (his treat!)


I was working on Saturday hosting a Self-Love workshop for a group of lovely ladies and gents in Birmingham! The event was completely free for people to attend so it was a wonderful(and very cheap) way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Take a look on eventbrite for local and free stuff that might be going on near you – it’s a fab way to meet new friends and do some fun new things on a budget.

Afterwards a few of us went for some drinks in the city (£19.95) to catch up and avoid the rain!

That evening my friend Ellie was hosting a curry night at hers after a recent trip to India so she could show us her new culinary skills! We all pitched in £7.50 for the ingredients and I picked up some drinks for the night too (£5.40).

Any excuse to eat curry and I’m there!

Daily Total: £32.85


This Sunday was a wonderfully lazy one that started with a much needed lie in and bacon sandwiches in our pjs! Afterwards we took Toby to Pets at Home to choose some presents for his birthday (£23.24) which he absolutely loved….even if he did try to run off with a bag of treats from the shelf!

After his birthday shopping spree we went on a big long walk through the woods, chasing sticks (and ducks!) followed by a lovey beer at the pub – my treat! (£10.90)

When we got home the boyfriend cooked a yummy roast dinner and we settled down for the penultimate episode of Line of Duty – bliss!

Daily Total: £34.14

WEEKLY TOTAL: £102.67!

Not a bad spend this week with the majority of my ‘play’ money going on food and drink with friends and a couple of presents for other people.

I didn’t do much driving so the car didn’t need filling up, and we decided to have a week eating out of the freezer and cupboards where possible to cut out a big food shop and use up some stocks.

No clothes shopping or little extras like coffee, mostly because I’ve been too busy to leave the office most days, and nights in with friends make for a more purse-friendly social calendar than hitting the town!

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