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It’s here – the first of my travel posts from Croatia with Asos, Slydes and Croatia Wave! As soon as we got back I couldn’t wait to look through my photos and I’ve got so many I think I may have to split them all up into more posts than I was first anticipating so I can share all of our adventures with you day by day!

So two weeks ago myself and the lovely Amy from Salt and Chic were invited over to Croatia as part of Access All ASOS to discover the country and party with Croatia Wave who organise festival holidays in the beautiful country of Croatia. We packed our bags and headed off to the airport where we were flown to Pag for four days in the Croatian sunshine.  Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (3)

Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (4)

Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (7)

(Our new pool buddy!)Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (6)

Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (2)

We arrived in the dark on Tuesday night and although a flight from Manchester to Zadar is only 2hours 10 minutes we were pretty pooped, so we met the team, unpacked and hit the hay – party animals or what! In the morning we were blown away by what we saw out of the window and the truly breathtaking views from our stunning Croatia Wave Villa. Looking out at the mountains over the sea, with a big swimming pool and lots of places to sit and sip wine whilst taking in the peace and quiet of our little corner of the world, it was heaven and we knew we’d be right at home for the next four days!

We tucked into breakfast with the rest of our discover Croatia team before hopping in the car to Hotel Boskinac for wine tasting and lunch overlooking the vineyard – my kind of day!

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Cami – New Look at ASOS* | Faux Suede Skirt – New Look at ASOS* | Sandals – Slydes*Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (10)

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The hotel was absolutely beautiful with modern interiors and to die for gardens. There was also a dainty pool surrounded by trees that we just about resisted jumping into in the 35oc heat! We were taken downstairs into the cellar to taste some famous Croatian wines with a plate of traditional delicacies to compliment the grapes.

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(Octopus Salad, Olives, Dalmatian Ham *not actually made from Dalmatians* and The Infamous Pag Cheese)Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (22)

The wine was exquisite, from light easy to drink whites to deep fruitful reds – I love a good wine tasting and this was right up there for me. We were incredibly relaxed taking in all the information our teacher was sharing and I soon developed a taste for Croatian wine! Such a great experience and at just £25 per person I highly recommend it if you’re in the area of Novalja. Hotel Boskinac is certainly on my list to come back and stay, it was absolutely beautiful.

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Next it was upstairs for lunch on their balcony overlooking the vineyards with even more delectable wine! We chatted for hours over great food and an ice-cold glass of white getting to know each other in the warm afternoon sun. Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (27)

Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (28)

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Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (29)

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After three yummy a la carte courses we hopped in the car and headed back to the villa for an afternoon of relaxation and sunbathing with our kindles in the sunshine. Our villa was so quiet, just the sound of the breeze and a few crickets, it was one of the most relaxing places I’ve stayed and I loved it.

Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (5)

Croatia with Asos #AAAinCroatia (44)

V-Neck Bodycon Dress – ASOS* | Tassel Sandals – ASOS*

On the evening I wore my new favourite dress from ASOS – this slinky deep-v halterneck number which makes me feel a million dollars! Ignoring my bandeau tan line it’s such a flattering fit and surprisingly really comfy too – I will also eventually get the hang of this fashion blogger posing thing, promise! After a few drinks and nibbles in the villa it was off to bed ready for more exploring – trips to the national park, speedboat rides, secret beaches, my first festival experience abroad and more!

Watch my Vlog from Days 1 & 2 in Croatia:

Stay tuned for the next Croatia installment in my #AAAinCroatia series but in the meantime, why not check out my haul video including all my shiny new ASOS threads!

Have you visited Pag before? Which is your favourite outfit from Day one?

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