The Circus Comes to..The Stage?! | Circus 1903 Review

circus 1903 review
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Roll up roll up for the Hippodromes newest show to hit the stage – Circus 1903, straight from a sell-out run at London’s Southbank Centre!

circus 1903 review

I love the circus. Cirque Du Soleil has become my yearly tradition and I’m always left wide-eyed like a child at any sort of acrobat or magic on the tv. Barnum the musical is still one of my faves and The Greatest Showman is pretty much on repeat in our house! So when an invite to Circus 1903 hit my inbox I was practically at the door of the hippodrome with my popcorn ready to be wowed!

circus 1903 review

With jaw-dropping acts from around the globe, Circus 1903 transports you right to the centre of the big top! High wires, trapeze, contortionists all arrive on stage one after the other to wow and entrance the audience. This cast is HUGE and it’s one intoxicating feat after the other.

Animals in the circus have been banned for quite some time and for good reason. But these guys have found an ingenious way around this by creating life-size puppets to go in their show! Created by the puppeteers behind war horse, these elephants are something to behold and so lifelike on stage!

We had such a magical night at the Circus, it was so funny and incredibly endearing. Bringing children up from the audience sandwiched in between the amazing and nail biting circus acts was the perfect mix.

It’s a show for everyone and one that you must see!

Circus 1903 Trailer

Circus 1903 is on at the Birmingham Hippodrome until the 2nd November 2019 before moving to it’s next tour venue!