A Night Filled With Razzle Dazzle | Chicago Is Back On Stage With A Bang


Last night was opening night of Chicago the smash hit Broadway musical at The New Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. This award winning classic is back with a bang and making it’s way around the UK with a dazzling new cast sure to give you a show. Think saucy costumes, cold blooded murder and a whole lot of brass, that’s Chicago and it’s a sight to be seen.

Chicago is set in the 1920’s and follows the story of Roxy Hart an aspiring nightclub singer who shoots her lover and finds herself in prison facing a death sentence for her crimes. Alongside Jazz superstar Velma Kelly they work hard to not only get out of prison unscathed but also end up celebrities with the help of smooth talking defence lawyer Billy Flynn!


If you’ve seen the updated film with Renee Zellweger, Richard Gere and Catherine Zeta-Jones you may be a little confused by the stage version which is a little less glitzy than it’s 2002 screen remake. Instead of following a blond Roxie around as she imagines spectacular musical numbers from those around her, we find ourselves watching a set that doesn’t change as each character takes the stage to sing out their stories in a 1920’s jazz bar.

John Partridge (yes the one from Eastenders) plays the iconic Billy Flynn and absolutely nails it! What a voice and the perfect amount of arrogant swagger. Sophie Carmen-Jones as Velma Kelly also impresses with her smooth moves and vocal range throughout. For me I would have loved a bit more ‘crazy’ from Hayley Tamaddon’s Roxie and a little more glitter all round but I really enjoyed this one, and you just can’t beat those tunes!


Filled with fantastic choreography, laugh out loud humour and aaaall that jazz, a night at Chicago is sure to leave your feet tapping and singing all the way home.

Chicago is on at The New Alexandra Theatre until Saturday 31st December so don’t miss out! Grab your tickets from the box office HERE!