Champagne and Roses Cocktail | Recipe

Champagne & Roses Cocktail xameliaxWe love a glass of champagne here on xameliax so what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year than with a Champagne cocktail! Valentine’s Day to me conjures up images of red roses, chocolate covered strawberries and of course a bottle of bubbly so i’ve thrown all of those into a flute and added a big shot of gin for good measure to create a bubbly, fruity and slightly floral cocktail perfect for the big pink day.

How To Mix

3 Large Strawberries

1 Shot Good Quality Gin (I’ve used Bombay Sapphire)

3ml Rose Syrup

Rose Champagne

Sugar Syrup to taste

– Pull the tops off your strawberries and muddle in a cocktail shaker

– Add ice to your shaker and throw in a shot of gin

– Add your rose syrup – 5ml is about 3/4 teaspoon (make your own by dissolving 25g golden caster sugar in a pan with 2tbsp water then stirring in 1/2tsp rose water)

– Add a dash of sugar syrup to taste and shake up your ingredients until ice cold and double strain into your best Champagne flute (mine are from the LSA Bar Collection and i adore them)

– Top up with Rose Champagne and garnish with half a fresh strawberry on the side of your glass

Champagne & Roses Cocktail xameliax

What you’re left with is a fruity little number that packs a punch without being too sweet. The floral and berry notes from your rose and gin give this drink an interesting boost with the fresh strawberries really coming through at the end – you’re sure to win over your Valentine with this one! We love this cocktail as a naughty addition to a DIY afternoon tea and think it would make a beautifully fresh aperitif for that BBQ party when the sun finally does return to our little island.

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Don’t forget to drink responsibly!