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A few weeks ago Benefit sent me a rather exciting box inviting me into their VIP Club to overhaul my brows and get bene-fabulous at one of their Brow Bars! Having never had my eyebrows waxed or tinted i was incredibly curious and after peering at my overgrown brows in the mirror feeling rather ashamed i swiftly picked up the phone to book in to their Derby Brow Bar for a good sorting out (oooeerrr mrs). Read on for my Benefit Brow Bar review.

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You’ll find Benefit Brow Bars in a number of stores across the country (not to be confused with their beauty bars who don’t quite offer the full brow service) and here you can make an appointment with one of Benefit’s beautiful bene-babes who will wax, tint and pluck your face to perfection with their signature brow technique.  I sat in the chair to talk through my brow consultation and before i knew it my fringe was back and we were whipping hair off left right and centre! I was worried it would be painful (after being waxed everwhere else and ending up in tears after some rather traumatic face threading!) but i honestly didn’t feel a thing. In less than 15 minutes my brows were primed and perfectly coloured and my bene-babe even covered me up again so i didn’t have to do the rest of my shopping looking like a plucked chicken!

Eyebrow wax

Measuring browsWhen i got home and had a proper look in the mirror i couldn’t quite believe the difference,  without any products my brows were 100% fabulous and i spent a good five minutes waggling them in front of the mirror feeling incredibly pleased with myself. A tint and wax with Benefit costs about £22.50 which is an absolute bargain and, as it should last around 4 weeks, it’s even better. Having my brows tinted has saved me so much time in the mornings as i haven’t needed to fill them in at all (sorry little neglected Browzings) and I’m totally sold – consider me booked in once a month forever. They’re a fab way to get perfect brows with zero effort whatsoever and would be a fantastic idea before a holiday too – no more bare brows or pencil running down your face in the pool!

Eyebrows before

Eyebrows afterSince having my brows bene-fied they’ve been super easy to maintain and i really haven’t found myself reaching for any products unless i’m heading out on the town. Conveniently in my little VIP box of goodies came with a whole host of products designed to make your eyebrows even more perfect and i’ve been having lots of fun trying them out. My personal favourite is the Browzings Kit with it’s gel and powder combo – applied with an angled brush i find it the easiest way to get the perfect brow. I’m also really loving High Brow and High Brow Glow – two very clever pencils that when applied and blended with your finger under the arch of your brows really help give you that wide-eyed and bright look, they make such a difference.

Benefit makeupThe Benefit Instant Brow Pencil and Speed Brow have made it into my handbag for on the go touch-ups if i head out after work or feel like i need a bit of a brow boost – I love the double end of the pencil and Speed Brow is great for keeping everything in place. Gimme Brow (the teeny tiny brush) is great for more ‘intricate brow work’ and i find it fantastic for filling in any gaps i can’t reach with my browzings powder!

Benefit makeupSo that’s my Benefit Brow Bar review – I’m a total Benefit Brow Bar convert and i can see myself making a trip every month from now on – in fact, I’m already booked in again on the 15th! If you find yourself looking in the mirror and feeling frustrated with your brows, even if you have all the kit like me, then I‘d 100% recommend getting yourself booked in with Benefit and letting them work their magic, the difference is quite simply amazing!

You can find your nearest brow bar on the Benefit website

Have you had your brows beautified by Benefit? What did you think? What’s your favourite brow product?

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