Appleflower Collins Cocktail

Appleflower Collins Cocktail Recipe (4)

What’s better than an ice cold cocktail in the garden with a good book when the sun is shining? An ice cold GIN cocktails in the garden with a good book when the sun is shining! Gin is such a summery drink for me, especially when it’s mixed together with flavours like apple and elderflower and of course a good old squeeze of fresh lemon. My Appleflower Collins is fresh, zesty, summery and light – perfect to sip at a summer BBQ or on a night in with friends!Appleflower Collins Cocktail Recipe (3)

What You’ll Need

2 Shots Good Quality Gin (I used Bombay Sapphire)

1 Shot Elderflower Liqueur

2 Shots Apple Juice

1/4 Fresh Lemon

Soda Water


Appleflower Collins Cocktail Recipe (5)

How To

– Pour your gin, Elderflower liqueur and apple juice into a shaker full of ice

– Squeeze in the lemon and SHAKE!

– Strain into a Kilner Jar filled with more ice and top up with soda – taste as you go and be careful not to dilute your cocktail too much

– Garnish with a wedge of lemon and a cute straw for a fun summery cocktail look!

Appleflower Collins Cocktail Recipe (6)

The lemon gives this cocktail a little sharpness from the flowery sweetness of the elderflower and apple juice while the soda makes it a beautifully light long drink.

Pinterest-esque Kilner Jar and Straw optionalbut they do look pretty darn cute!

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