The Apple Pie Martini | Cocktail Recipe

apple pie cocktail
apple pie cocktail recipe

My Easy Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe!

A few years back I went to Krakow for the very first time. While I was over there, I tasted my first ever Polish Martini and it was absolutely delicious!

For weeks after I was thinking about that cocktail and how I could tweak it to create a new one – and so, the Apple Pie Martini was born!

If you like apple pie you’re going to love this one…let’s get shaking!

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Apple Pie Cocktail: What You’ll Need 

2 Shots Vodka

4 Shots Apple Juice

1 Shot Cinnamon Syrup (see below)

An apple slice to garnish

A cocktail shaker (or jam jar with a lid)

Your favourite martini glass

How To 

  1. Pour your vodka, apple juice and cinnamon syrup into a cocktail shaker full of ice
  2. Shake until the outside of your shaker is cold
  3. Strain into your martini glass and garnish with a slice of apple

This cocktail tastes tastes just like a real life apple pie – sweet and fruity with a warm cinnamon chaser, delicious!

Cinnamon Syrup

You can buy cinnamon syrup for your coffee like this here (it’s delicious!). Or you can easily make your own by melting a 1:1 ratio of water and sugar together in a pan (eg. 50g sugar + 50g water). Add a couple of cinnamon sticks and let it simmer for a minute before leaving it overnight in a jar to infuse!

If you have any left over, bottle it up in one of these and enjoy with a hot chocolate another day.


apple pie cocktail recipe

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