5 Reasons Why I Love Living Alone


Don’t get me wrong I love living with someone else. Sofa cuddles, having a human to warm up your feet in bed, not having your hilarious quips fall on deaf ears while watching TV. 

But there’s a lot to be said for going solo and living it up alone. Here are my top 5 reasons why I love living on my own:

1. You can do whatever you want! Stay indoors all day in your pjs binge watching suits and drinking tea? Or bugger off for a few nights somewhere and not having to tell anyone! Also, those super ugly but oh so comfy pjs and three day old hair? Not a problem my friend! Dance around in the kitchen, relax in the bath every single night, go out and get tiddly or stay in and enjoy a naughty takeaway without having to share. The world is your oyster and no-one can judge!

2. Everything is where you left it. No need to worry about someone else moving your stuff or making more mess. It’s your flat, your stuff, your rules. You look after you and you alone, so while the washing doesn’t magically get done like it used to, at least you know where your favourite top is at all times…even if it’s at the bottom of the washing basket.

3. You can have friends round at any point without having to check with anyone. Popping in for a quick cuppa or staying the night with a couple of bottles of wine. Your door can be always open or always closed and you don’t have to work around anyone else! No more banishing your boyfriend to the spare room so you can watch your film and drool over Tom Hardy in peace and you can be as loud as you like!

4. The TV is always yours! No sport cluttering up your recorder or fights over who watches what. It’s aalllll yours and you can watch as many episodes of KUWTK as you like without any judgey looks! Gone are the days of ‘but the football’s on’ (unless you’re into that yourself) it’s just your shows all day errday and no annoying Netflix suggestions after a certain somebody decided to watch a boy movie that disrupts your Suits, OITNB and Mean Girls algorithm.

5. You can eat whatever you want! No meal planning for two avoiding certain foods or working around two schedules. You can literally chow down on whatever you fancy and order takeaway at any time. The fridge is your happy place whether it’s full of healthy stuff or packed to the nines with vino. Yes cooking for one can be depressing at times but Tupperware and the freezer are your friend and you can always shout ‘FOOD’S HERE’ before you open the door to the takeaway guy who’s carrying enough Chinese for two.


Do you live on your own? What do you love the most?