31 y/o Full Time Blogger Money Diary: Dating Myself & Pastries All Round!

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Welcome back! It’s time for another instalment of Amelia spends too much money on food with a start of the month money diary!

We’re always a little more flush at the beginning of the month but I’m really trying not to get carried away with the payday surge…did I make it?

Let’s see!


The week started off with a little Moonpig purchase and a Get Well Soon card for someone very special. They’re more expensive than heading to a card shop and posting one yourself, but it enabled me to put a cute photo of Toby on the front, so it was worth it! (£4)

We did a food shop for the week which came to £20 each and I bought a new fiction book to enjoy off amazon for £2.65 (used) as I’ve really gotten back into reading recently!

Into reading too? Check out my latest book recommendations here!

Daily Total: £26.65

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Today I had a hospital visit to make so I bought a couple of teas/coffees for me and my fellow visitor to enjoy while we were there (£5). Parking was also only £1 in the evening which is really good value for visiting people as usually it costs a fortune to park at a hospital!

On the way home I popped through the KFC drive through for some comforting treats – 3 pieces for £4.19 which I devoured in record time. Should have also got gravy. Damn. Is it just me or is KFC gravy the best gravy in the world?

Daily Total: £10.19


Drs checkup for me this morning, super early, so on the way back I picked up coffee and pastries for me and the boy as a little treat which we enjoyed back in bed before work. (£8.85)

The rest of the day was spent working at home and eating from the fridge!

Daily Total: £8.85


Today I bought another book, this time for self development and it’s quite possibly the BEST book I’ve ever bought!(£10.06 because couldn’t get it used/much cheaper). I wish I’d bought this sooner, highly recommended.

Tonight I also got a set of eyelash extensions done for a vlog after loads of you guys asked me to show you the process (£30). I’ve only recently discovered lash extensions (this is my second set) but they’re great fun and the vlog will hopefully be helpful if you’ve ever thought about giving them a go – check it out here!

Daily Total: £48.91


Today I had a photography course for work in Birmingham with Jessops. I took the train in for ease (£11.70), and grabbed a coffee to keep me awake! (£3.55) It was really fun and we had a great afternoon brushing up on photography skills and learning lots of new tricks.

I’d recently heard about some amazing Cronuts (croissant doughnuts) from a local bakery, so I picked two up for the boy and I. They were excessive (2 for £8) but MY GOODNESS they were incredible.

Don’t judge me for the second pastry of the week!

A friend of mine has cancer and is really self conscious about her lack of lashes after chemo, so I bought her some false eyelashes designed especially for cancer patients as they adhere to the lid not your lashes! She can’t get them where she lives abroad so I posted her out a set. (£5.25)

I also picked up some lash extension friendly liner and remover so I can still rock a cat eye with my new lashes (£8.50)

After all that my train got cancelled and there was a load of delays, so I practised some ‘Radical Acceptance’ (my new secret hack for being a LOT happier and less stressed, check it out here) and got myself a glass of wine and some tapas with my book to wait out the delays.

Excessive? Maybe. But worth every penny. Take yourself out on a date more, it’s incredibly liberating! (£11.55)

Daily Total: £48.55


Yesterday I’d posted on my Instagram stories about the C-Lash and one of my incredible followers got in touch to thank me for sharing as she has stage 4 breast cancer and was dreading the hair loss stage again. She’d never heard of these lashes before so I decided to send her some too (£5.25).

Recently my car failed it’s MOT and Toby had an emergency visit to the vets which together cost me nearly £400 – ouch. So I’ve been selling a few things on eBay to recoup my savings and also have a bit of a clearout! I needed to buy some more postage bags for my latest sales and post the two sets of lashes out to my girlies (£5.50 all in)

The boyfriend is obsessed with white snickers and I found out today that you can buy them online – so I bought him some off amazon for about £5 as a little treat. He’s going to love it when they arrive!

Daily Total: £15.75


We had Toby booked in for a groom as he’s getting a little ferrel and needed to be hand stripped. Unfortunately the groomer fell ill and couldn’t make the appointment which saved us £26! We will have to book back in at some point but for this wee, that’s a welcome saving.

I also had to do a photo shoot for a job this afternoon and roped the boyfriend in to help take my photos. I bought us a beer afterwards at the pub as a thank you for helping and a big well done for getting it all done on a Sunday! (£7.50)

Daily Total: £7.50

WEEKLY TOTAL: £166.40!

Ok, so that’s still a pretty spendy one despite my best efforts – god damn you delicious pastries! I think I need to take my own advice and implement a few more No Spend Days (see what I mean by that here)!

If we break it down though we had £14 in unexpected costs due to illnesses, £20 on presents for others and £15.25 work expenses – these come to nearly £50 of the weekly spend. And my lashes were a one off cost as it’s not something I’ll be doing every month. 

This week I sold an old Barbour jacket that doesn’t fit anymore and some spare hair tools on eBay which went for £150! I put it straight in my now pathetic savings account to help build that back up, and it’s a great way to de-clutter your house too! Have a look around and see what you might be able to list to make a few extra quid this month, it’s so easy!

I hope you enjoyed my Money Diary this month – it turns out after payday a 31 year old full time blogger spends quite a lot! Next time, more no spend days and a ban on pastries!