Yankee Candle Scent of The Year

Yankee Candle 2019 Scent of the Year, One Together

Calling all candle fans, have I got a treat for you! So we already have fashion trends for the upcoming seasons, and even hair colours that show us the way salons will be working over the next 365 days, well now we have a scent too! Yankee Candle have JUST unveiled their brand new release, an expansion of their annual trend predictions to identify and ‘bottle’ (well, jar!) a single fragrance that defines 2019!

One Together.

The first Yankee Candle Scent of the Year is called One Together and recreates the fragrance of the rare Miracle Flower, found only on the remote Ogasawara Islands in Japan!

From Yankee Candle –

“This theme revolves around the human desire to express individuality while remaining connected to and embracing the diverse world around us.”

It comes in a gorgeous straight sided matte white and gold tumbler (or an apothecary jar, but I love the tumbler best!) and has a soft woody and amber base note.  When burnt it releases an incredibly subtle homely wood fragrance with a hint of floral vanilla on top – I LOVE it.

“Yankee Candle has been a scent expert for 50 years, and each year we conduct a process to figure out what fragrances consumers want in their homes. This year, we took that process to the next level,” says Anna Whitton, vice president of brand marketing, Yankee Candle Company. “We identified an overarching theme and built a candle to perfectly portray it. The resulting fragrance is beautifully nuanced and embodies the desire we have as individuals to encompass new experiences while still being accepted for who we are.” 

In order to create One Together and finalise it’s design and scent, Yankee Candle joined together their fragrance experts with outside trend experts in food, wellness, relationships and pop culture. All together they researched and discussed past and current trends to collectively predict those of the 2019.

“As individuals, we encompass new experiences in a unique way while still being accepted as who we are. This theme culminates in one resonating statement: One Together.

I absolutely love this theme and the scent of the year concept as a whole…not to mention the stunning candle scent Yankee Candle have created for us this year. Amazing.  

One Together is available in a large, two-wick tumbler (that’s the one I have!) and large apothecary jar for £25.99 exclusively at Yankee Candle retail stores and online and selected retailers while supplies last…so go go go!

The next Scent of the Year candle will be revealed in 2020 – I wonder what it will be!


*Paid partnership with Yankee Candle – as always all opinions are my own!