Wilson The Dog | My VIP OAP


Today I have some very exciting news to share with you all – I have adopted an old rescue doggy to join our little family!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram will have already seen a million pictures of our new VIP OAP because I’m head over heels in love with little Wilson, but I thought he deserved a proper introduction on the blog in all his scruffy glory, so here he is, our handsome sausage!


I used to volunteer for the RSPCA and saw first-hand the amount of dogs out there without a home especially the older ones. Little puppies or cute young doggies would come in and people would snap them up right away leaving all the old boys and ladies behind sometimes spending months in the kennels being over-looked. Joe and I decided a few months back we wanted to adopt a dog and because of my experience walking and caring for so many wonderful furry OAP’s I knew I wanted to adopt an oldie! We started looking for older dogs to adopt, and did a lot of research to make sure we were in a position to give our new furry friend the very best of car and then we found Wilson, a 12 year old terrier cross with a list of ailments as long as your arm – it was love at first sight.

Wilson (3)

Wilson is  about 84 in doggy years and is nearly deaf with poorly eyes, arthritis and a bit of doggy dementia so he’s certainly no spring chicken! He was found as a stray in a park tied to a post with a muzzle on, incredibly underweight with gnarled feet – how someone can do that to a dog is completely beyond me. Luckily someone brought him in to All Dogs Matter to see if they could help. He was close to being put down because he was so poorly but luckily ADM and their vets decided to give him a second chance, cleaned him up and put him into a lovely foster home until he found his forever (retirement) home. As soon as I saw his little face on their website my heart melted and we knew instantly we wanted to adopt him. We went to meet him and he was even more perfect than we could ever imagine so a week later we were driving back from London with our little man in the back seat and a brand new adventure in front of us.


It’s been nearly 5 days now since Wilson joined us and we already can’t imagine him not being here – he’s settling in so well and has instantly become one of the family. We’re still learning and doing everything we can to make his transition as stress-free as possible but we honestly couldn’t be happier and he seems pretty contented too.

Wilson (5)

There will certainly be more Wilson on the blog soon but for now we’re just letting him find his feet in his new home and very comfy bed! So if you’re thinking about adopting a furry friend this new year don’t disregard the oldies – he may be a little scruffy but he’s absolutely beautiful to us!

I originally found Wilson on the Oldies Club website who collate older dogs who are up for adoption from a number of charities and kennels all in one handy place – definitely worth a look for potential doggy adopters!