What To Look For In Your New Sofa | With Sofology

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When I first bought my sofa for my flat I was on a budget and a very quick turnaround, so finding a sofa for less than £400 that could be delivered within two weeks was a bit of a push! I went into Sofology and their incredibly friendly staff took me round to find out which kind of style stood out to me, then sat with me for hours looking for a sofa within budget with speedy delivery to go in my living room.

I was absolutely blown away by their service and chuffed to bits with my new sofa which has served me well for the last year! But what do you look for if you’re not in a rush and have a bigger budget to play with? If you’re looking for your forever sofa, a statement piece, something that will last for many years to come and truly become part of your furniture.

Sofology have just opened a brand new store in Rugby and invited me down to choose my forever sofa and pass on some top tips on what to look for if you’re planning on upgrading. They don’t have salesmen or women in their stores, just helpful staff who know their sofas and are full of information on how to make the right decision for this big home investment. Here are the top tips I picked up during my visit…

What To Look For When Buying Your New Sofa

Sit on Them as You Would at Home – A lot of people come in to buy a new sofa and sit on them tentatively, square on and rigid. Is that how you really sit on your sofa at home?! I tend to lounge on mine in the right-hand corner with my feet out on the coffee table (something that we’re looking to change, it’s terrible for your posture!) at an angle so I can face the tv. So do it! Test out those sofas properly, get lounging and don’t be shy! ….maybe take your muddy shoes off first though!

Look for Durability – Some sofas can look incredibly pretty, but you need to think about your home and lifestyle. Do you have three kids who like to climb all over them, a dog that jumps on and off, a multitude of bums that are coming and going? Look for strong seams, durable fabrics or leather and the right shape to take on the number of people using it.

Choose the Right Filling – Foam, Feather or Fibre. The most popular seat filling is foam which keeps its shape, doesn’t need to be plumped and provides nice firm support, but other fillings can create a different shape. Fibre makes for a softer sink-in feel but needs more maintenance. Feather requires a lot of plumping and may not be suitable for those with allergies. Have a think about which will suit your lifestyle the best and remember, this is where your professional sitting comes in handy in store!

Think About Sofashield – We insure our new phones, so why not our sofas! If you’re anything like me you may be prone to a few spills on your lovely new sofa. I actually managed to knock a generous glass of red wine ALL OVER my brand new sofa last year within its first month. Yes, really. So if you tend to spill a lot then think about protecting your new sofa with Sofashield – a 5 year cleaning and repair service from Sofology on their sofas. From just £39 per seat, for 5 years the Sofashield team will rock up to clean any stain or repair tears you and your new sofa may endure. Certainly worth thinking about if you’re splashing out on a pricey new suite.

Measure up Properly – This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure your new sofa will actually fit! Measure up all areas of your room before you go and stick to it. Don’t get sucked in by that luxurious 7 seater corner sofa if your room can only realistically hold a loveseat! It’s easy to get carried away, but remember you still need room to move in your living room after the sofa’s gone in!

Consider Parts You Can Move to Make More – Want a lovely deep corner sofa but not got the room? Have a think about different shapes or parts to your sofa which help build the look you want. Maybe try a Chaise design, or pick a couple of footstools to extend the depth of your sofa when needed. I’ve gone for a 4 seater chaise with a separate armchair and footstool which creates so many more seating options. You can also add the footstool to the thinner part of the chaise to create a huge sofa area that guests could even sleep on – but it doesn’t take up your whole room permanently. Have a chat to the staff to see all the different shapes your chosen sofa comes in and see how you can make that work for you.

I can’t wait to get my new sofa and show you how it looks. It took a while to choose what I wanted, working with the Sofology team in Rugby to get the right look, fit and comfort for my flat and lifestyle but I think we nailed it! And hopefully, these tips will help you in your quest for your new forever sofa too!

Tempted? Take a look at what Sofology have in store on their website here!