What It’s Like To Fly Business Class with Qatar Airways


Flying Business Class has always been a bucket list item of mine – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve stepped onto a plane and longingly looked left when being directed in the opposite direction by the cabin staff to my economy seat!

So when I got the chance to fly Business Class with Qatar Airways on my way to Krabi I was so incredibly excited! Here’s what it’s like behind that curtain in a world of in-flight luxury!


The Seats

Ok, so aside from the free champagne (we’ll get to that in a minute) the seats are the big bonus of going Business. Fully controlled from a simple foot rest to a fully flat bed you can sit, lounge or lie however you like throughout the flight which on a long haul is an absolute GOD SEND.

With plenty of storage space for all your bits and bobs, charging stations, pillows, blankets, personal tv and a partition between you and your flight buddy you really do feel like you’re in your own little pod of luxury! I stayed awake on the first leg of my flight to enjoy the epic selection of movies and tv on board (and sample the fizz and food menu!) but on the second leg I snuggled down and drifted off into a full 7 hours of sleep…in my business class PJs. Yes, they give you pyjamas!

The headphones also blew me away as they have incredible noise cancellation technology and great sound. I was always surprised when I took them off to head to the bathroom at just how quiet they made the cabin – there was even a baby crying at one point that I had no idea about until I took them off! Incredible!





Even the toilets are more spacious with a window and more room to move about. Rituals products for you to use such as body spray and moisturiser along with toothbrushes and toothpaste and even razors. A true pleasure and always immaculate.



With little Georgio Armani amenity bags and a wealth of entertainment at your fingers tips Qatar have thought of everything to make your journey as pleasurable as possible. The entire flight simply  flew by for me!

The Food

We need to talk about the food. All I can say is wow. Plane food has improved a lot over the years but let’s be honest it usually still leaves a lot to the imagination. Not in Business class. With an A La Carte Menu that you can order from whenever you like during the flight and snacks to keep you going from in between I was blown away by the quality of the food on board with Qatar.






The quality of the food on board in Business Class was better than I’ve had in some restaurants here in the UK. When I ordered my three courses I honestly wasn’t expecting a great deal, but when it arrived I was blown away. On real plates with real cutlery and presented so beautifully, I couldn’t quite believe I was on a plane! I wanted to try everything and because of our flight times we pretty much could! Dinner on the first leg and a delicious breakfast of pancakes and fresh coffee on the second. Amazing!

The Drink

Free flowing and a fantastic selection the drink onboard in Business Class with Qatar is just perfect. A glass of champagne before take off and as much as you like during your flight so I was in my element! With a fantastic white and red wine selection, cocktails and shorts along with non alcoholic options and hot drinks there’s something for everyone.



The Service

Every single member of cabin crew on all of my flights with Qatar was absolutely out of this world. They were so friendly, couldn’t do enough for you and always smiling. Think of the service from a high-end restaurant and hotel all rolled into one and you’ve got the Qatar team. Immaculate uniforms, kind smiles and efficient in every single way. A true pleasure from take off to landing.


Flying Business Class with Qatar really was an experience of a lifetime and I would 100% look into upgrading the next time I fly long haul. Often with things like this it’s scary to part with your money when you don’t really know what you’re in for. But i‘m happy to say that upgrading with Qatar in my opinion really is worth it for a long haul trip – no jet lag, no uncomfortable seats and just jolly good fun!

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