How We Feel Good Inside & Out | #HereForYou Twinings Superblends

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I’ve partnered up with Twinings Tea on their #HereForYou campaign alongside the launch of their new Superblends Teas. The Superblends range are a line of new teas that here for you everyday in different ways, and taste delicious! So we’re filming a series videos together showcasing three very special in my life who are here for me in different ways too…just like Twinings tea!

Our first video was with their Defence tea and my awesome friend Lucy talking about how to be there for your friends – you can check that out out here! But this time it’s Lizzi’s turn as we sip their new Glow tea and chat about how we help ourselves feel good on the inside and out.

Life can get super busy and we can often put ourselves at the bottom of the pile. But it’s so important to look after our bodies and our minds and try to help ourselves feel as good as we can. So today we’re talking you through what makes us feel good and how you can help yourself glow from the inside!


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