The TRUTH Behind ‘The Perfect’ | #JustAsIAm

truth behind the perfect, #Justasiam

truth behind the perfect, #Justasiam

Today’s video is something I’ve wanted to show you and talk about for a long time. 6 months ago I put up a photo of me in a bikini before and after stylee – a lot of you thought it was a weight loss post, it was actually Photoshopped. Today’s video is all about how what you see online might not be the whole truth and why you shouldn’t let social media effect your self esteem.

You’re perfect the way you are, no Photoshop required. 

truth behind the perfect, #Justasiam, xameliax bikini photo

Scary huh?

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I’m not saying everyone does this but I wanted to show just how easy it is to do so the next time you feel intimidated by ‘perfect’ images you see online it might help you remember – seeing isn’t always believing online these days.

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What do you think about re-touching on social media? Where do you draw the line?