How to Find The Best Japanese Cooking Class in Tokyo

Tokyo Cooking Class
Tokyo Cooking Class
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The Best Tokyo Cooking Class in Japan

We love Japanese food. So when we were planning our trip to Japan, a Tokyo cooking class was top of our agenda! A Japanese cooking class is the perfect way to learn about traditional local dishes and try new flavours. Not to mention learning the skills to be able to re-create them at home too!

When looking for our Tokyo Cooking Class I found so many out there it was incredibly difficult to choose. Air Kitchen soon became my go to and we decided to try this Gyozo Japanese Cooking Class with Junko Hayashi!

Tokyo Cooking Class

What’s Included in Your Tokyo Cooking Class?

In our Japanese Cooking Class with Junko we learned how to make not one, not two but four traditional Japanese Dishes:

  1. Gyoza (Pan-fried Japanese dumplings)
  2. Japanese rolled omelet
  3. Miso soup
  4. Sweet Strawberry Daifuku (a type of sweet mochi)

Junko’s class is 6,000 yen per person (around £43) and includes all your ingredients to create each dish.
…and of course you get to eat them at the end with a nice cold beer!

Tokyo Cooking Class, Japanese Cooking Class

Junko contacted us ahead of our visit to double check any dietary requirements we had. She was also incredibly helpful at helping us plan our visit, making sure we knew exactly how to get to the station to meet her.

Tokyo Cooking Class, Japanese Cooking Class

What Happens in your Tokyo Cooking Class?

Junko very kindly met us at the train station and we all walked to her house to start our class. We sat down with a cup of fresh green tea in Junko’s gorgeous kitchen and relaxed before the cooking began!

It was so nice to get a glimpse into what a traditional and modern day Japanese household looks like. Cooking in a hosts own kitchen really added so much charm to our Japanese Cooking Class. Definitely the best way to do it in my opinion.

After we finished our tea it was time to get cooking! We started by making the dough for our gyozas. Junko showed us the technique, then both Chris and I got a chance to make a handful of gyoza together.

Watch our Tokyo Cooking Class with Air Kitchen:

From here we both tried our hands at making the rolled omelette, mixing the mochi and molding our desert. Followed by the all important gyoza shaping and crimping! Junko also showed us how to make traditional miso soup to go with our gyozas.

Tokyo Cooking Class, Japanese Cooking Class

The Best Part….Lunch Time!

After all that hard work in the kitchen it was time for us all to sit down and enjoy the food we’d just made! Junko helped us fry our gyozas and even brought out a delicious box of surprise sushi – what a feast!

We chatted about Japanese life and what we had planned for the rest of our holiday with Junko giving us loads of insider tips on where to eat and what to see. Her English was impeccable and she stayed in touch throughout the rest of our trip helping us navigate around the country. She even gave us a heads up for the Typhoon we got caught in towards the end!

The Verdict

We absolutely adored our Japanese Cooking Class with Junko, it was the perfect start to our trip to Japan. The class was relaxed and fun but still super informative and we left absolutely stuffed full of delicious homemade food!

Junko even took an adorable polaroid of Chris and I and one of all three of us together that we could take home and keep. It was such a lovely memento of an amazing day!


Air Kitchen have loads of Japanese Cooking Classes for you join. Everything from gyozas to sushi, tempura, ramen and more! I’d highly recommend adding a cooking class to your Japan itinerary!

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