The Sound Of Music UK Tour

The Sound of Music UK Tour - Lucy O'Byrne as Maria - credit Mark Yeoman

Last night Joe and I went to The Regent Theatre in Stoke to see one of my favourite musicals on stage – The Sound of Music. This is a film that I used to watch with my grandma whenever I went round, we’d put in the video and snuggle up singing along to all the classics! So when I heard this sell out musical was doing a UK tour I was so excited to see one of my favourite childhood films brought to life on stage.

The Sound of Music UK Tour - Gray O'Brien as Captain Von Trapp and Lucy O'Byrne as Maria - credit Mark Yeoman

The Sound of Music sees Maria ‘a nun in training’ sent to experience the world by becoming governess to the 7 Von Trapp children living in a wealthy and very proud Austrian household under their Widowed Father. Maria brings the gift of music into the Von Trapp family household and relationships begin to develop during unstable times in early 1940’s Austria.

First thing we notice about this beautiful production is the stage. Traditional, grand and incredible from stain glass windows in the abbey to a long curling staircase in the Von Trap house. The voices of the entire cast are out of this world with beautiful harmonies and some seriously high notes from Mother Abbess (played by Jan Hartley) – props to you lady! The Children were adorable and we saw all the heartwarming moments we know and love from the film unfold on stage whilst tweaked slightly to fit the timings.

Lucy O’Byrne was a triumph as Maria and really did the role justice both vocally and through a very convincing acting performance. All of our favourite songs are in the stage adaptation with various reprises – ‘How Do You Solve A Problem like Maria’, ‘My Favourite Things’, ‘Do-Re-Mi’ and of course the lovely ‘Edelwiss’. I found myself getting lost in the music and humming along in my seat, it was just lovely.

The Sound of Music UK Tour - Gray O'Brien as Captain Von Trapp - credit Mark Yeoman

It’s not the usual fast paced musical production you’re used to seeing on the west end but it is indeed a heartwarming piece of theatre with good old fashioned morals. We left craving Earl Grey tea in a bone china cup and a slice of Victoria Sponge (or maybe jam and bread!) – a truly delightful evening indeed.

The Sound of Music is running at The Regent Theatre in Stoke until Saturday 23rd January before moving on to it’s next UK Tour venue. You can get your tickets from the box office HERE!

Have you seen The Sound of Music? What did you think?

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Image Credit Mark Yeoman