The Bodyguard Musical | A Review


The Bodyguard is another classic film i hadn’t seen until a couple of months ago. I decided to watch it on a lazy Sunday afternoon and I absolutely loved it, I was hooked! With tense scenes and lovely character development (not to mention a rather dishy Kevin C!) it had me guessing right to the very end and I was totally engrossed. So when The Regent Theatre in Stoke invited me down to their Press Night for The Bodyguard The Musical I jumped at the chance and eagerly took my seat ready to be wowed!Zoe Birkett The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard is hands down the most gripping piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. Right from the beginning it bursts onto the stage with incredible presence (and fire!) hitting you with the amazing Whitney songs we all know and love interspersed with tense scenes and real life drama. It had me on the edge of my seat for the entire time with goosebumps and a real feeling of excitement in my tummy. It was quite simply spectacular.


I have to admit I was a little worried at first about quite how Thea Sharrock was going to bring some of the trickier scenes to life on stage, fearing they may not have the same impact or chill factor as they do on screen. I had absolutely nothing to worry about as the production left me enthralled from beginning to end with audible gasps of horror in places. The use of lighting, sound and projection around Rachel’s Stalker (played by Mike Denman) was outstanding and my heart was beating in my chest throughout.

In the film i found myself drawn to the conflicted and tortured soul of Frank and didn’t much warm to Rachel, however Zoe Birkett with her outstanding vocals and faultless acting managed to make me fall head over heels with Rachel’s character in the musical and reverse the roles entirely. There are some slight plot changes for The Bodyguard’s adaptation to stage which i felt only enhanced the story, and props to Tim Hatley for a fantastic set that made the entire production so seamless.

We were left emotionally drained by the whole performance, coming out of the theatre in a daze of bright lights, heart-wrenching melodies and pure adrenaline, it was a feeling like no other. I’m not ashamed to say, there were tears. And not a single ‘this is so moving’ tear gently rolling down your cheek, full on ‘Kim Kardashian crying face’ sobbing! Make sure you’re wearing your waterproof mascara for this one ladies!article-2721258-206AEDFE00000578-58_634x462

If you get a chance to see this musical take it. Take your ticket and run right to the front row because you are in for a truly incredible experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. With massive hits such as ‘Queen Of The Night’, ‘How will I know’, ‘One Moment In Time’ and of course the showstopper ‘I Will Always Love You’, The Bodyguard The Musical will have you dancing in your seat and humming away for days on end.


I managed to grab 5 minutes with Zoe Birkett and Stuart Reid the current Rachel and Frank in the show to ask them a few questions about working on such an iconic production…


 Zoe Birkett as Rachel Marron

The songs in the show are HUGE. Do you have a favourite that you look forward to singing every night?

“One Moment In Time is one of my personal faves, I used to sing it as a child all the time.”

What is your favourite costume that you wear during the show?

“I love my ‘I Will Always Love You’ dress at the end. Covered in feathers!! Magical.”

How do you prepare for a performance?

“Lots of warming up, hot drinks and of course pop a bit of Whitney on!!”

Were there any scenes in the production you were apprehensive about before heading on stage?

” The ‘Chopping Kitchen Scene’. I have a knife and point it in someone’s face in a quick motion. If i get too close i’m going down for GBH! Haha!”

dlK7eivnStuart Reid as Frank Farmer

Did you find Frank to be a challenging character to portray on stage, as a lot of his time in the film is quite serious?

“I tried not to look back at the film too much just so that I could start with a blank canvas. The way Frank is written in the script is very serious at first read, but the more I got it on it’s feet the more i could play with it. So in short I was aware of how serious it was but I could play with it otherwise it would be wooden”

Were there any scenes in the production you were apprehensive about before heading on stage?

“Not really as I had played Frank while understudying in London. There have been some alterations with scenes and bits but nothing majorly to be apprehensive or nervous about – Sorry to be a bore on this one, I had an unfair advantage!”

Frank is extremely guarded with his emotions – how do you convey that to a larger audience?

“He is guarded initially as he enters a new world, a Rachel Marron Diva world! But as he starts to embrace that world he becomes more at ease because he has a job to perform. So i think the timeline of his emotions allows him to open the closer he gets to Rachel and this helps the audience engage with him also.”

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Now where did i put my Whitney greatest hits CD…

Have you seen The Bodyguard on stage? What was your favourite scene?

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