Rabbit Lift Up Invisible Bra Review: Does It work on Plus Size Boobs?

rabbit lift up invisible bra review

Have you seen the new rabbit lift up invisible bra on instagram and Facebook and wondered – does it actually work?!

I was incredibly intrigued too, especially after really struggling to find a good strapless bra for plus size boobs. So I thought I would order my own rabbit lift up invisible bra from Amazon and test it out on my 34FF boobs!

Big boobs are heavy, so expecting a little piece of sticky material to hold them up all day long without moving or sagging is a lot to ask! But will it work? How does it feel? Is there any support? How about the shape?

Let’s give it a go!

Watch My Rabbit Lift Up Invisible Bra Review:

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Really surprising results – I honestly didn’t think it was actually going to work! I’m even tempted to go to the gym in it and see if it can withstand my next spin class!

It’s so hard to find a strapless bra that will support larger boobs, and being able to get one that’s backless and less than £10 too is amazing!

As you can see I bought size XL and they covered quite a lot of my boobs…but there was still a fair bit left at the sides. Whether this is supposed to happen I don’t know, but I don’t think they do much bigger so we’re rolling with it!

They also didn’t leave any nasty marks when I removed them but they do take some pulling to get them off so be careful.

They would be fabulous for your next office party or a wedding where you want a good bit of lift but have a revealing garment that doesn’t allow for a back or straps – I’m so impressed!

Have you tried this sticky bra yet?



  • Hi, I’m in love with you reviewed these. You’ve convinced me to try!
    Btw, your boobs looked great with them on! The shape was actually quite pretty.

  • So i tried it and i can’t get it to work…. first things first the top of the bunny ears just won’t stay on and secondly my boobs fat just bulged out the side all funny so i had this weird flat-ish front and this weird side bulge v.v if there are any tips on how to put this thing on without having that problem please throw it at me -.-

    • Mine are SO so sticky – i wonder if you maybe got a dud pair if they won’t stick? And you can place them wherever you like to help the shape of your boobs, so maybe place them more to the sides and pull them up and in to stick 🙂 x

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