Money Diary: The One with The Big Total!

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Starting off the week strong with a no spend day – a fab way to cap your spending throughout a week. I usually do two a week but I think I’m going to try and up that to three for a bit!

Daily Total: £0


Today I was working from home but I did pop into town to buy some new gym vests from Sports Direct (£17.05). If you haven’t seen my Gymwear Haul yet make sure you go and check that out – there’s some really affordable and cute bits in there to make your exercise sessions that little bit comfier.

In the evening Chris and I went Trampolining (£14) which was SO much fun and great exercise….until I rolled my ankle and sprained it 4 minutes from the end. You can’t take me anywhere! Luckily I can still walk on it but wow, it’s painful!

Daily Total: £31.05


Today our new cleaner was round to help spruce up the flat (£12). We have her for 2 hours every other week to do a deep clean and Chris and I just keep on top of things in between which works really well for us. £24 each a month in total (which we would easily spend down the pub in a couple of rounds) to have a clean house and more spare time to do things we enjoy. If this is something you can afford, I would 100% recommend it. Life’s too short to spend your evenings dusting!

Usually I go to my badminton class on a Wednesday night, but as I’d sprained my ankle trampolining that was a bit of a no go this week! What a fail.

Daily Total: £12



Daily Total: £0


Today I did something I never do, and paid someone to do my nails for me! I needed my toes painting and with my sprain I couldn’t get into the right position to do it myself, so I found a lady who could help me out and she did a gel mani and pedi for £26 which I thought was quite good value! (£26)

Chris and I also bought a new lamp for the living room – a colour changing moon lamp that I’d wanted for ages (£7.50 each). It’s only from amazon and is super cheap but looks amazing! You can buy it here!

Tonight I stayed in and played designated driver for Chris who went out with his friends to celebrate some good news. I had a bath, watched some youtube and then headed out to pick him up – although I did need to fill up my car today which was £50 for a full tank. We’ve got a couple of big journeys coming up so it made sense to do it all at once, and these days I probably only fill up my car once a month as I try to walk as much as possible or take the train!

Daily Total: £83.50


It’s date day today and Chris’s turn to organise!

In the morning I bought tickets to see a comedienne we like….in November! They were selling out so I just took the plunge and booked them in the hope we don’t have any work trips come up for that date in the meantime (£31.50).

Chris had booked us into an escape room in the afternoon which was AMAZING!!! We very nearly made it out which was good going for just the two of us – what a laugh! Afterwards I bought us a celebratory gin and a beer in the pub (£10.05) and we popped into the post office to get our international drivers licence (£11.50) for an upcoming trip to Japan!

The evening was spent eating amazing steak and drinking red wine at a stunning restaurant nearby with Chris picking up the bill (my turn next time!)

Daily Total: £53.05


This morning we wandered into town for a coffee and a toastie at Costa which I managed to get free with my loyalty points! And then we made our way over Inflatanation in West Brom for a press event at their newly opened inflatable theme park!

Cue lots of bouncing, sliding and frolicking in the ball pit with a couple of our friends and my ankle very tightly wrapped up in tape! Luckily we survived this one with no more injuries and left in one piece – so much fun!

I picked up some food for my lunches from Tesco Express (£9.10) that would go along with other things we had left over in the fridge. We still have our awesome Gousto Boxes every week (take a look at my Week on Gousto vlog here!) and are loving them, so food shopping is pretty non-existent these days!

For dinner we decided to go out and treat ourselves to a cheeky Nandos (£15 each) and a nice cold beer after all that bouncing around! And when we were out for dinner we booked our Japan Rail Pass for our holiday next month which cost a whopping £224. We’ve been saving for it and it’s a necessity for our trip, but yikes – that’s one way to bump up a weekly total!

Daily Total: £244.10

WEEKLY TOTAL: £423.70!!!!

Ok so our Japan Rail Pass is a big purchase that isn’t something we do every week. And the £50 on petrol I guess you could class as more of a bill than part of my play money but it just so happened to fall on this week as I barely fill up much these days.

We class our cleaner as a luxury expense so that comes out of play money rather than ‘necessary bills’ and our food bill is a lot cheaper this week as Chris will be away with work so it’s just little old me. When you sign up to Gousto boxes you get a referral code to share with your friends and family so this week we got out box for free which meant four dinners on the house! It’s a big help to the household bills and the best part is, everyone can do this! Take a look at my vlog to find out how and get yourself some free nosh!

So in reality if you take off the holiday bits, my petrol and the comedy tickets for November, it’s a £111 week….which certainly sounds a lot better! We’ll go with that total instead…