Matilda The Musical On Tour

A few years ago I went to see Matilda the m=Musical in London with my Mum and it completely blew both of us away. I loved both the film and the book as a child so going to see the musical was a no brainer – especially as the music is written by Tim Minchin (one of my favourite comedians)!

But if you haven’t managed to see it yet in the big smoke then GREAT NEWS Matthew Warchus and his team are bringing this children’s classic to life on stages across the country in the Matilda UK Tour!

The story of Matilda sees a young girl of great intelligence born into a family who never wanted her and are unable to understand her love for books and learning.

In Roald Dahl’s original story Matilda discovers that she is able to move things with her mind and subsequently uses her new-found powers to play tricks on her horrible parents. When Matilda is sent to school she is ruled by the child hating ex-hammer throw olympic champion head teacher Miss Trunchbull who terrorizes Matilda (and the other children) at school as well!

Upon meeting Miss Honey Matilda makes friends and discovers an adult who is kind to her and appreciates her intelligence. Working together Miss Honey and Matilda set out to stop Miss Trunchbull’s merciless reign over the school and all sorts of mischief ensues!

The first time I saw Matilda The Musical I was a little upset that her magic powers didn’t seem to make as much of an appearance as I remembered. But on second viewing I think it’s finally clicked. Her real powers aren’t that she can tip over glasses of water, but instead that she has the strength to change her story despite her rough upbringing…MIND=BLOWN!

However we still had all the memorable moments we’ve come to know and love in the book such as the newt, the cake and the pigtail child hammer throw which was executed so perfectly it’s worth going to see the show just for that!

The set was fantastic with scrabble pieces bursting out onto the ceiling and walls and with quirky props coming in and out at all angles. With bright gaudy colours and a cast of adults and children alike it started with a bang and kept us entertained throughout!

Our Matilda was Lara Cohen who did excellently throughout – how Lara and the rest of the little cast members remember all those words, dance moves and songs is beyond me, it was incredible!

The music and lyrics were brilliant making for some clever and catchy songs which we just can’t stop humming! Hats off to Carly Thoms as Miss Honey for some beautiful vocals and Matthew Caputo who was quite simply hilarious as Mr Wormwood.

The star of the show for us however was Craig Els who played Miss Trunchbull really and truly bringing her vile character to life! He had us in stitches throughout especially during his own song ‘The Smell of Rebellion’ in the second act, such genius! With the cast running through the stalls, up in the boxes and all around us we didn’t know where to look, it was so interactive and brilliantly done with jokes for the adults as well as keeping the children entertained for the whole show.

If you’ve got little ones who are fans of the book, or even if you don’t’ have any little ones at all then you must see this multi award-winning musical!

Matilda The Musical is at The Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday 8th September –


Have you seen Matilda The Musical? Who was your favourite character?

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