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Last night magicians descended on The Regent Theatre in Stoke, the next destination on the UK Tour of Impossible. I’m going to put it out there, I’m a huge magic fan – don’t come at me with your ‘this is how they did it’ theories or disbelief – it’s real magic and that’s that. Impossible tells the history of magic through the ages and with the help of 6 magicians completely wows the audience with grand illusions, mind reading, dangerous stunts and some pretty darn impressive slight of hand.


Spoilers are one of my pet peeves so you won’t find any here – Impossible is something you need to see to believe (or not believe as the case my be!) so this is a pretty tricky review to write! But I guess I can say that the show was slick, entertaining and awe-inducing throughout with lots of audience participation – watch out for flying cuddly snakes, Top Secret envelopes and Control Chris Game Cards! We laughed, we gasped and we clapped until our hands were sore.


The magicians come in a variety of shapes and sizes each with a different style, from the old school silent grand illusions of Josephone Lee (she’s got a wicked stage Magician’s strut), to the children’s presenter-esque persona that is Chris Cox. Matter of fact daring stunts from Jonathan ‘Dangerman’ Goodwin, modern hip hop infused street magic from Magical Bones and traditional pick pocket laugh out loud tricks from Lee Thompson. My favourite of the evening was Ben Hart with his weird and wonderfully dry humour and distractingly large hands – you’ll see what I mean when he gets out his (billiard) balls later on in the show…ooo errr.


There should be more magic shows in this country, come on Vegas, why are you hogging all the fun? A night at Impossible is sure to leave you discussing ‘how did he do that?’ ‘where did she go?’ and ‘how did that happen’ for days after. If you’re a magic fan Impossible is a must, there really is nothing like seeing it all happen right before your eyes!

Impossible is showing at The Regent Theatre in Stoke on Trent until Saturday 12th March before moving up to Edinburgh so don’t miss out – Grab your tickets at the box office HERE!

Have you seen Impossible? Who was your favourite magician?

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