A Weekend of Zero Emissions with The Hyundai KONA

| #CleanDrivingMonth with Hyundai – Paid Post |

Electric cars. The future.

…or are they?!

Welcome to the Hyundai KONA, a fully electric car on our roads right now! In 2018 we’re all stepping up our game to look after our little world with emissions being a big talking point. But how can we still have our freedom without polluting the planet – with electric cars of course!

This weekend Hyundai challenged me to cut my emissions and live clean with their gorgeous Hyundai KONA electric car, so I put my car keys away and hopped in for my first ever electric drive! I honestly had no idea what to expect. I suppose I was imagining a slow and steady little vehicle that I would dawdle along in and would have to stop every 3 hours to charge.

Oh how wrong I was.

The Hyundai KONA is incredible. It’s really nippy, smart driving and it goes up to 300 miles before you need to plug it in – helped along by the fact that it charges itself while you drive – SAY WHAT?! With smart driving this magic box on wheels not only keeps your speed and brakes for you along with the car in front, it makes sure you stay in lane, alerts you of other cars in your blindspot and it GOES too, no dawdling here! It completely blew me away if I’m honest and suddenly I actually enjoyed driving instead of seeing it as a necessity. Oh, and of course being electric there’s zero emissions – YAY CLEAN PLANET!

Our Clean Driving Weekend

We took the KONA out for a drive into the countryside with Toby for a big old walk in the Autumn sunshine. Is there anything better than sticking on your wellies, wrapping up warm and getting out in the fresh air for a walk? The sunshine hitting your face, the leaves crunching beneath your feet and watching your crazy little puppy pelt around for hours absolutely LOVING life!

The KONA made our drive a breeze and knowing that we weren’t polluting the lovely forests that surrounded us was a great feeling. After a quick nip back down the motorway we grabbed some comfort food and a nice bottle of wine from Sainsburys and cuddled up warm for a cosy Autumn night in – what a way to spend a Saturday!

The next day we jumped back in the KONA and went to my local pottery cafe for a calligraphy class! I absolutely adore pottery painting and being creative to help calm me down – it’s amazing for mindfulness – so combining my love for painting and a new skill like calligraphy was a lovely way to spend a Sunday…and of course it came with tea and cake too! Don’t under-estimate the freeing power of picking up a paintbrush or a pencil and letting your mind wander onto a page, canvas of piece of ceramic, it’s incredibly relaxing and can be enjoyed by everyone!

I absolutely adored our clean driving weekend – such a wholesome way to spend our days off and I’m a total electric convert, what not to love really.

If you’re looking to upgrade the old banger do consider switching to electric – You can check out the Hyundai KONA here from just £25,995

Where would you go on your clean driving weekend?


*Sponsored content with Hyundai – this car is AMAZING. So excited for the electric revolution.