How To Hygge: 5 Steps to Harmonise Your Home


You may have heard this strange word being thrown around a lot recently in home style articles or spotted it on pinterest and had no idea how to actually pronounce it! Hygge (pronounced Hoo-Ga) is a Danish concept of wellbeing and cosy living that has found its way over to our milder shores and is taking the home decor world by storm.

But what does it actually mean?

Well Hygge is actually a lot more than sheepskin rugs and loads of cushions. It’s actually a way of living that finds beauty and meaning in the simplist of life’s pleasures. Curated in Denmark where the winters are harsh and the days dark, Hygge helps you enjoy the good things in life with the people you love by taking time to appreciate the little things that bring us pleasure surrounded by a cosy, warm and comforting space.

I first found out about Hygge in October last year when reading an article in Psychologies magazine on holiday. On that very same day I got the call to say my application had been accepted on my new flat and I couldn’t get Hygge out of my head. I knew then and there I wanted to adopt the Danish way of living and create my very own Hygge home.


5 Steps To Bring Hygge Into Your Home

  1. Think Cosy
    Hygge style is all about texture. Luxurious throws over the arm of your sofa, lots of cushions in scandi patterns, candles burning and shaggy rugs. Think warmth and cuddling up on the sofa with thick socks and a hot chocolate in your favourite mug. And when you think you’ve got enough cushions or throws…buy a couple more!
  2. Make Space For You
    Whether it’s a nice chair in a cosy corner where you can delve into a good book, or a space in your kitchen where you can enjoy your morning coffee and 5 minutes of peace. Making space for you and your wellbeing in the home is a big part of the Hygge culture. Treat yourself to some nice bath oils or bubbles, light a few of those lovely candles and relaaaax.
  3. Appreciate The Little Things
    From the smell of freshly brewed coffee to the feel of a new book. The taste of a hearty home cooked meal or warmth of a soft blanket over your feet. We spend too much time running around getting from A to B that we often forget to stop and appreciate what we’re doing. How many times have you gulped that cup of tea in the morning and ran out the door with your breakfast still in your hand. Flicked through tv shows without really watching because you’re on your phone and doing three other things at once? Or wolfed down your dinner without thinking because it’s been a stressful day and you still have so much more to do? Make time to appreciate the little things and be in the moment with the things and activities you enjoy.

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  4. Don’t Be A Stranger
    Hygge wouldn’t be Hygge without the people you love the most sharing it with you. So get your friends and family round more often, share a meal, a bottle of wine, a hot cup of coffee and talk, play games and appreciate each other. Life is too short and there’s always an excuse not to – you’re never too busy for your nearest and dearest.
  5. Focus On The Happy
    It’s so easy in our busy lives to get bogged down with all the negativity around us. Terrible news headlines, a bad day at work, not losing weight. There’s always something and those negative thoughts command a lot of attention. Try to actively and consciously focus on the good things in your life right now and the little victories that come your way each day.

Would Hygge work for you? What are your top tips for bringing Hygge into your life? 


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