10 Games to Play with Your Dog When You’re Stuck in the House!

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How to Entertain Your Dog Indoors

I don’t know about you, but without a couple of big walks a day, my little Cocker Spaniel Toby gets really, REALLY bored. So on rainy days or when i’m unable to go outside, I need to pull out some fun indoor games for dogs to keep him entertained…and stop him from climbing all over me while i’m trying to work!

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How to Entertain Your Dog!
10 Boredom Busting Indoor Games for Dogs:

  1. Find It!
    Hide your dogs favourite toy somewhere around the house – get them to sit and wait so they don’t see where its gone – and then command them to find it!
  2. Learn a New Trick
    Grab yourself a clicker online and show your dog that the click means treats! Simply click, and treat your dog right after about 6 times until they’ve made the connection, then begin teaching your new trick. Remember, dog learn quicker with hand signals as well as voice commends – take a look in your training book or online for some cool new tricks to try!
  3. Freeze A Tasty Kong Treat
    Kongs are a great way to entertain your dog for a while as they try to work out how to recover the treats inside! Toby loves the Kong pastes which squeeze straight into the toy and keep him entertained for ages – and if you pop it in the freezer for a few hours it lasts even longer!
  4. Play Fetch….down the stairs!
    As we’re playing in the house, throwing your dogs favourite toy down the stairs is a great way to tire them out! If your dog is a clever one, they might even work out how to play this game all by themselves!
  5. Chase Me! Chase Me!
    Toby loves a game of tag running round the house – I’m not sure if its a spaniel thing, but he gets so excited! Chase each other around and grab some exercise for both of you.
  6. Try a Wobble Feeder
    The Kong wobble feeder is a great way to entertain your dog at dinner time. Simply twist and fill with your dogs dry food, and watch them bat it around the kitchen until its all out!
  7. The Guess Which Hand Game
    Take a treat and put it in the palm of your hand where your dog can see. Close your fist and swap the treat around between your hands before closing them and holding both out for your dog to choose. If they boop the wrong hand, open it up to show them and wait until they choose the right one! Dogs pick this up pretty quickly and it gets their brain whirring too which is great stimulation.
  8. Snuffle Mat Fun
    Snuffle mats are a GREAT way to keep your pet busy as a little treat or at meal times. Simply stuff them with your dogs food portion or some tasty treats and watch them explore!
  9. Tug of War!
    Toby loves a game of tug o’ war with his blanket or with a rope toy! Just make sure to pause the game at differen’t points if your pup gets over excited – this helps teach them control too which is a good one to learn all round
  10. Relax with a Doggy Massage
    Doggy massage can not only help relax your pup, but it can also help heal any strains or improve bodily functions like circulation and strengthen their immune system. There are lots of instructional videos free to watch online if you fancy giving this one a go, and the best part is that stroking your pet helps to reduce your anxiety too – win win!

If you’re pup is watching their weight, you can do all these games that require treats by using their daily food allowance as the reward. If not, why not try making them some delicious homemade treats to hand out during the games!

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So there you have my 10 games to play with your dog indoors! I’d love to see pictures of you playing these with your pup –
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how to entertain your dog indoors

How to entertain your dog indoors: 10 games to play with your dog indoors by xameliax