Easy Milk Maid Braids Tutorial

milk maid braid tutorial, dutch braids tutorial

Think Dutch Braids are tricky? Think again! I’ll show you how to recreate these Milk Maid Braids in just three steps with my easy Milk Maid Braid tutorial!

Every time I wear my hair like this I get so many comments from people (even ladies behind the tills in tesco!) on how pretty it looks and when I tell them that they’re really easy to do, no-one believes me – So I thought it was about time to film a tutorial and prove it! Don’t worry if you can’t get it right first time, once you’ve got the hang of dutch braids you’ll be able to do them in just a few minutes without any effort at all. They’re my go-to hairstyle for when I need to get my hair off the back of my neck on holiday or even when it’s looking a little greasy and they make an gorgeous wedding hairstyle too!

This hairstyle is great for short/medium and long hair, just adjust the placement of the braids to hide the bobbles depending on where your plaits finish on your head and don’t be afraid to use as many bobby pins as you need!

What You’ll Need

Hairspray – I used Batiste Hold Me Hairspray
Two Hair Bobbles/Ties
And some Bobby Pins – I use extra long ones because I have so much hair and find them a lot better!

Don’t forget to tweet me a picture @xameliax if you give my milk maid braids tutorial a go! 

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