Dirty Works Overnight Facial Lift

Overnight Faciel Lift Photo 2

In daily life we are bombarded by adverts of miracle face creams that claim to work wonders in the quest for helping ourselves to look more youthful and radiant. But do any of them actually work?

Dirty Works Overnight Facial Lift* (£7.99), as you may have guessed, is a night cream which aims to radiate and hydrate your skin overnight, boosting collagen and reducing wrinkles and lines. Though I have dabbled in using a few of these creams before, I am always a little wary of them as I tend to put off by how greasy a lot of them are, some seem to take an age to absorb into your skin! The Dirty Works cream is a breath of fresh air though, it feels silky, non-greasy and when applied it does not feel like you have any on at all.

It is recommended that you use this product for at least 8 weeks before any real difference is seen. I have been using it for about that time and I must be honest that I haven’t noticed a drastic change in how my ‘wrinkles’ look. I do however feel a lot more fresh-faced in the morning after using it overnight, and my skin feels a lot plumper which in theory is the way to go for smoothing out any wrinkles that might appear! I know people who swear by this cream though and cannot rave about it enough so I will definitely continue to use it as I’ve not come across another night cream that applies so well and hopefully it will give me a head start in keeping those pesky wrinkles at bay! For the price point I don’t think you’ll find a better anti-ageing cream that feels as good as this one so it’s well worth a go.

Have you tried the Dirty Works Overnight Facial Lift before? What is your favourite overnight cream?


*PR Sample