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Croatia with ASOS #AAAinCroatia Day 3, Private Beach Croatia

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After our amazing (but very busy) second day at The Krka National Park and Fresh Island Festival, day three in Croatia was aaaaall about relaxation! Earlier on in the week some of our team discovered a little private beach down a rocky path at the bottom of our luxury Croatia Wave villa so we knew we had to go an investigate. We put on our Slydes, picked up a towel and headed down to the sea for the morning without any of us realising the untouched beauty we were about to see. Croatia with ASOS #AAAinCroatia Day 2 (11)

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Just down the hill we walked onto a small rocky beach nestled in the Pag mountains with the clearest sea I’ve ever seen. What it lacked in the white sand department, Dubrava Beach in Bosana more than made up for in its pure natural beauty and serenity – not to mention the views! With see-through ombre water and even a little ice-cream boat that comes round with refreshments throughout the day (hello genius!) we spent a stunning couple of hours swimming and soaking up the beauty of our little secret find.

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Don’t forget your Slydes for paddling in rocky water…they float too in case you lose one!

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I’m not normally a sea person – put me by a pool (preferably with a bar) on holiday and i’m set – a sunset stroll across the sand is about as close to the sea as I get! But after our Beach Party in Halkidiki and plucking up the courage to swim in the Krka Waterfalls in Croatia just the day before, I think I might have been converted to the wonders of the sea as I hopped in here without any encouragement needed!

It was so warm, like a bath and so unbelievably calm. With little fish swimming around us and the sun shining overhead I could have stayed floating in there forever and I honestly didn’t want to get out.

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In the afternoon we marched back up the hill to our stunning Croatia Wave Villa for lots of wine, beer and fun in the pool – the only way to cope with near 40oC heat! Croatia with ASOS #AAAinCroatia Day 2 (5)

Gorgeous Erica from The Babe Report Croatia with ASOS #AAAinCroatia Day 2 (22)

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As a special treat the guys at Croatia Wave organised private massages for us at the villa – what bliss! We fought it out for first dibs on the beds and all settled down for an afternoon of pampering overlooking the sea.  Croatia with ASOS #AAAinCroatia Day 2 (27)

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I’ve had a lot of massages in my time and like them pretty hard, so I opted for a sports massage from Jurica Bendelja which was hands down the best massage i’ve ever experienced. It was a little on the painful side but when we’d finished I felt like I was walking on clouds and all my muscles and limbs were brand new. The feeling lasted for days afterwards and I was over the moon with our luxury little treat – thank you so much Croatia Wave for that one.

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Croatia with ASOS #AAAinCroatia Day 2 (43)In the evening we took a cab to Old Pag Town which was gently buzzing with people and had such a relaxed vibe. People walking along the cobbled streets browsing in shops and enjoying a glass of Croatian wine outside. We ate dinner at Na Tale where the seafood was on point once again with lots of garlic and of course big sides of Blitva! We drank and chatted together throughout the evening before retiring back to the villa for one last night.

Stay tuned for the final post in my #AAAinCroatia series with ASOS, Slydes and Croatia Wave coming next week – We go Olive Picking and take a look around Zadar Old Town.

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Which has been your favourite day so far? Wine tasting, exploring the national park or total relaxation?

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Thanks again to ASOS, Slydes and Croatia Wave for this amazing trip! #AAAinCroatia