5 Tips To Help Beat Winter Blues

5 Tips to beat winter blues Still

My top 5 tips to help you cope with the symptoms of SAD and make this time of year a little easier.

This is a video I’ve wanted to film for a while – suffering with Seasonal Affective Disorder is nothing to be ashamed about and it can be treated in a number of ways. I’ve tried to speak as slowly and as clearly as possible so I can get all the information across that’s needed instead of my usual rambling at a million miles an hour(!) so hopefully this will help some of you out there, even if just to figure out why you may be feeling the way you do.

I’d love to know if this video has helped at all, leave me a comment or DM me @xameliax and don’t forget to share with any fiends who are also going through the same thing – you never know how many people we can help.

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