DIY SOS, Meatballs and Holiday Shopping | My Week in Photos & xameliax Wekly Vlog Episode 35


Well this is embarrassing, it looks like I’ve been a little quiet on the instagram front this week with only two photos…oops! It’s been a bit of a crazy busy 5 days in the run up to holiday which I’m currently on – come say hi on instagram @xameliax or snapchat @xaxameliaxax! But it’s been totally worth it to have a clear diary so I can completely relax while we’re away, I do like to be busy even though I feel like a headless chicken most of the time!

So exiting things that have happened this week? Well, we bought a new coffee table which we’re yet to assemble and a very cool side table for the living room along with new picture frames and a few other bits to complete the look from IKEA…meatballs for tea an essential. It’s been a bit crazy doing it all without planning (see last week’s vlog for the renovation catalyst!) and alongside the garden which is about halfway done! Lots of fence painting when we get back I think. I’m going to write up a living room and a garden transformation posts once we’re all done because everyone loves a snoop around peoples houses don’t they and a lot of you have asked.

Benefit Brows

Benefit released an EPIC new line of brow products which arrived on my doorstep last week – I’ve tried out a few of them and first impressions (which go on my snapchat by the way @xaxameliaxax!) are excellent! Everyone knows Benefit are the brow authority in these here parts and they haven’t let us down with this one.

I also got my first ever article published in a magazine! You’ll find my article in the current issue of Blogosphere Mag which is online or on the shelves now talking about social media can effect self esteem. I’m so proud and the feedback I’ve had so far has been incredible. What an honour and I look forward to writing more professional articles in the future.

Apart from that I’ve just been busy scheduling posts for this week, getting my nails done at my favourite spa courtesy of Joe (major boyfriend points) and fake tanning ready for the pool!

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I’m completely switching off for the week so I can’t promise a holiday vlog next week but either way I’ll see you in a couple of weeks back to normal hopefully nice and tanned!

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