Speedboating on The Thames & Winning an Award | My Week In Photos & xameliax Weekly Vlog Episode 41


Hey guys, happy Tuesday. So this week is a bit of a mis-match as you’ll know if you watched last week’s vlog which was a toughy, thank you so much for all your kind words, comments and tweets – it’s meant so much. I decided to split the week into two as it just didn’t seem right to put speedboats and spas next to the hardest day I’ve had in a long long time so here we are.

It’s been a tough week getting used to not having our little furball around coupled with the stress of my next big press trip – which I’m actually on RIGHT NOW as you’re reading this so come over to instagram and say hi! But life must go on and I had a job booked down in London on the Friday so I put my headphones on, grabbed my train ticket and set off to the big smoke for an adrenaline filled afternoon!


Currys PC World sent me a brand new shiny GoPro Hero 4 Silver and had booked me and a +1 (Lauren volunteered for this one!) onto a Thames Rocket Rib Experience – basically a speedboat down the Thames! You’ll have to watch the vlog to see how we got on but I was really impressed at how easy the GoPro Silver was to use and the quality of the video is crazy good. I have the model down and didn’t think it would be that different but it is and my old one is already on ebay – it has officially been replaced. I can’t wait to give it even more of a go on my next trip underwater because there’s loads of recording modes, low light settings, wide and narrow angles, it’s a clever bit of kit. You can edit the footage with GoPro’s own software but I simply inserted mine straight into Sony Vegas like all my other clips and it worked like a dream. I even snuck some footage off the camera and put it on my phone using the GoPro app so you can upload it straight to instagram. They’re super simple to use, just attach it to your floating handle and press record – so much fun!

You can also find out where to do extreme sports in London with this handy little map – what would you choose?


After the speedboat we did a bit of shopping – met a lovely subscriber in Carnaby Street and went for a delicious Italian lunch with a much needed glass of wine. We even sat outside because it was lovely and warm….until it started to spit with rain. Ahhhh Summer.

At the weekend Joe and I were booked into the Midland hotel in Manchester. You’ll here all about our spa break this week in it’s own blog but it was lovely to get out the house and spend some quality time together away from all the stresses and sadness.


We were celebrating my first year as a full time blogger and youtuber – can you believe it’s gone that quickly?! Joe bought me my very first blog award (it still counts if it’s from my boyfriend right?!) and it really made me smile. I feel so lucky to be doing this thing full time and to have such a supportive boyfriend and family around me. Read more on my 1 year anniversary here!

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Oh yes, and you’re probably all wondering what this big scary press trip is that I’ve been banging on about for weeks. Well, if you haven’t already seen on Instagram – I’m in Indonesia!!!

Two weeks of adventures including visiting Orangutans, Bat Watching, Dolphin Tours, Scuba Diving in Bali, waking along the Pink Beach, visiting the Komodo Dragon Islands and more. It’s the furthest I’ve every travelled and the longest I’ve ever been away from Joe – I’m terrified but also excited for the experience so do pop over to instagram and leave me a nice message to keep me going!

There won’t be a weekly vlog next week as I’m not here but there will be a travel vlog and whole series of blogs when I get back to fill you in on my adventure and the girls have got some great articles lined up ready to keep you entertained until I’m back.

Wish Me Luck Team!


*I was given my GoPro by CurrysPC World and treated to the London Thames Rib Experience in return for sharing my footage with you guys in this week’s vlog!