Group Gymming, Cheat Burgers and Youtube Sleepovers | My Week In Photos & xameliax Weekly Vlog Episode 19

Last week was a busy one as I had the lovely Lauren come up and stay for a couple of days! We filmed and laughed and even worked out together and although it was so much fun I was certainly ready for the weekend when it finally rolled around. I’ve lost another 2lbs this week and I’m absolutely loving my new year fitness regime – operation drink more water, eat better and move more is well on track and you know what? I’m feeling amazing for it.

It was business as usual Monday and Tuesday writing up blog content, editing vlogs and answering emails. I’ve got so many blog and video ideas floating around right now I’m really excited to put them all on paper as it were, but when I plan my posting schedule I don’t know where the time goes – I end up booking things in for April before I realise I’m nearly 9 weeks in advance!

On Wednesday hurricane Lauren landed and we spent two days filming loads of videos for our channels and of course having a big old laugh while doing it. I even took Lauren to my gym where she met my lovely friend Lucy and we all had a sweaty workout together! The next day I dragged her to spin after we filmed the no mirror makeup challenge for her channel…luckily we remembered to take it all off before we went!

Friday was ultimate catchup day filming two more videos for my channel, whipping up a healthy slow cooker curry (recipe coming Thursday) and finishing everything off for the week. I really want to have some content scheduled for while I’m away on holiday so I’m beavering away to make sure that happens for you guys although I’m sure they’ll be lots to look at on my instagram feed that week anyway!

At the weekend Rimmel released two of my videos and they didn’t get the best response on Facebook which made me quite upset on Saturday. I’m incredibly proud of that collaboration and while I know the videos are a little more subtle than my usual looks I still think they’re useful tutorials for someone looking for an easy to follow and affordable Valentine’s makeup look – you guys liked them anyway which was lovely!

We kicked butt at the gym before heading out for two giant burgers (a cheat meal I’d been waiting for all week!) and a big ol’ glass of wine! Joe and I also booked flights to Amsterdam in April for his birthday as we’ve always wanted to go – a lovely weekend mini break to look forward to, and only £80 return flights! We went for a little walk on the treadmill sunday afternoon as I think the dreaded man flu is coming for me and tucked into some healthy KFC chicken (recipe coming soon!) for tea!

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Holiday countdown is seriously on now, hope you have a great week guys – see you back here next Tuesday at 7pm!