Massages, Poorly Puppies and A Hair Disaster | My Week In Photos & xameliax Weekly Vlog Ep39

We’re back again with another weekly vlog after our trip to Bucharest! We had such an amazing time in Romania and it really opened my eyes to Bucharest as a great city break destination!

Read my blog and watch our first Romanian adventure here!

On Tuesday evening when Lauren and I got back we all went out for Pizza Express to toast our trip and because Joe will never say no to pizza! On Wednesday it was time to say goodbye and for Lauren to head back down to London. It was so great to spend nearly a week together and all the in jokes and laughs we shared shall live on forever! Here’s to the internet bringing two people together with a friendship that neither one of us really expected would end up here but are so happy it did regardless of the miles in-between us.


On Friday I had a bit of a disaster at a new hairdressers which caused quite a few tears. After asking for half an inch I was left with more than three inches off my original length and layers up to my shoulders – from bum to boob length in about half an hour. I was devastated as the last time my hair was this short it was 3 years ago meaning I’m in for a long wait.

It’s only hair and it will grow back but it felt like I had some of my identity snipped away – I loved being the girl with the really long hair…now I’m the girl with medium length locks. Gutted. I’ll be testing out as many hair growth supplements, oils and shampoos I can get my mitts on so watch this space.

At the weekend Joe and I went to Birmingham to try out a new curry place called Rajdoot which was delicious (highly recommended) and on Sunday Lucy and I went for a girly spa day!

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Hoping this week has a few less tears in it! I’ll of course let you know on Twitter about how Wilson’s tests go as soon as we find out – you can find me @xameliax.

Have a fantastic week guys and I’ll see you next Tuesday!