I’m Buggering Off For A While | xameliax Weekly Vlog #96

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Another week another weekly vlog! This time it was another busy one, I feel like I haven’t stopped since India but we made it none the less. This week I went down to London for work meetings and a few meetups with friends and we held another Bumble event – phew!

London was a whirlwind as usual with lots of meetings, lunches, dinners and an awesome west end show – Aladdin! I love visiting the city but it does drain me whenever I head down there. Maybe it’s how busy it is in the centre or that I always cram so much into my visits, but I was ready for bed about 7pm on the day I came back feeling super physically and mentally drained.

Our latest Bumble event was a gin fuelled afternoon tea at Malmaison and it was a huge success! I’m really enjoying organising these events as everyone always seems to have such a good time. It’s such a lovely idea by Bumble to help people make new friends whilst doing awesome free and fun things!

Sadly by Sunday my busy week had got to me and I ended up getting poorly, but I’m going away for a week next week to chill out and recharge so we’ve just got to get through another 7 days and then we can stop for a while!