MY NEW SOFA! | xameliax Weekly Vlog #93

Another mad dash of a week trying to get everything tied up before my exciting big trip! Sadly my water infection came back with a vengeance after spreading to my kidneys…don’t have much luck do i?! But we dosed up and carried on like the troupers we are!

It really is that time of year where everyone is run down, the weather is miserable and we’re all just a bit more susceptible to bugs. I’ve been on a huge mission to get my vitamins, try to stay calm and stress-free in order to get back on track and stay the healthiest I can be!

We also had another Bumble event with a group dog walk! It was a lot of fun despite the drizzle and Toby had a great time making lots of new human and furry friends! There was yet another win at the pub quiz – we’re on a roll – and the brand new Benefit Mascara dropped through my door which I give a first impressions review for in the vlog.

But the most exciting part of my week came in the form of my new sofa from Sofology – it’s AMAZING! A four-seater Chaise Long with a Footstool and separate arm chair. I’ve essentially made a sofa fort and not left since it arrived – VERY happy bunny!

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