The Great India LOL Train – Part 1 | xameliax Weekly Vlog #93

It’s finally here = part 1 of my India press trip! You guys have been following along on my instagram for the entire time and couldn’t wait for some blog content so I couldn’t resist putting this little vlog together for you with some of the behind the scenes from our trip!

If you’re looking for more information about where we went and the train itself there will be a blog post as a ‘proper vlog’ coming soon but for now, here’s my week on the Maharajas Express…well, half of it!

I was so lucky to have a number of travel bloggers that I knew and loved on this trip already which made it extra hilarious for everyone – there’s nothing like travelling with friends, especially to somewhere as incredible as India! We started in Delhi after a long flight with Air India and the longest immigration line known to man! Stopping the evening at The Ashok Emily and I decided to grab some massages, eat some curry and soak up some sunshine before the trip began.

As we didn’t set off until around 7pm we took a tour around old Delhi the next day which was absolute madness but bloody brilliant. The food was epic, the rickshaws terrifying and the culture fascinating – I think we’re going to like it here!

Our train, the Maharajahs Express was amazing and nothing like I’d imagined. So roomy, free bar, epic food and awesome staff – we even has a butler! But more about that in my blog post coming up.

Off we went on our journey round the golden triangle starting in Jaipur, then to the Taj Mahal, Gwalior and more! I honestly can’t wait to share my photos with you, it was absolutely incredible, a trip of a lifetime. But for now, here’s some lol’s from the train…

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I had to split this bad boy into two because there was just so much footage, so I’ll see you soon for the second half!