The One with The Dog Poo Shoe | xameliax Weekly Vlog #92

Sometimes we have those weeks that just keep on giving. 

Last week was one of those for me. And by giving, I mean giving me sh*t!

Back problems, water infections, website problems, insomnia, bad skin, lady time. You name it, I got it last week…oh, and I also stepped in dog poo. TWICE.

By the end I was just about ready to give up but luckily my week finished on a high with a Bottomless Brunch at Harvey Nics with my bestie and an evening of just pure relaxation. Doesn’t quite make up for the 6 days of hell prior, but it bloody helps!

I’m not about to dwell on all the swells of last week as I think this one is best left behind us! But if you do fancy watching the steady 6 day breakdown of a 29 year old woman then enjoy this vlog – if not, I’ll see you next week with some (hopefully) better scenes!

….I did make some nice bagels though!

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