One Busy Bee | xameliax Weekly Vlog #84

I’ll apologise right in advance for this week’s vlog – I’ve been working like a trooper all week and seemingly lacking a social life too! So be prepared for lots of my naked face in front of a laptop, morning catchups while the kettle is being boiled and a lot of mind-numbing ‘the only person I’ve spoken to today is the dog’ rambles!

A few admin-y bits this week before I forget:

This week we had a sponsored section by Vita Premium and their Vitamin D3 Capsules that I take to help with my SAD. They come in a 56 week supply, are made in the UK and are 3rd party certified…this is important! (Plus you get 30% off!) Alongside these, I also take Zinc, Ouderless Garlic and a Multi-Vit whilst doing my juicing and TRYING to eat as healthy as possible! Every little helps!

And this is my fancy new Revlon dryer for those asking!

Also! If you want to come along to my bumble events you can join my Bumble Facebook group to stay up to date with all the events I’m holding in the events tab! 

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