The Vlog Where Nothing Happens | xameliax Weekly Vlog #74

It’s the last week of empty wallets before payday and I’m afraid nothing overly exciting has happened apart from my first taste of vegan pizza at Pizza Express on a long overdue girly catchup….it was delicious by the way!

I had a few back issues again this week and a bit of a creativity slump which put a halt on most things really. Sometimes it’s so tricky working for yourself and living alone. It gets quite lonely sometimes and although Toby is adorable he doesn’t talk much…and is incredibly slack on the tea making rounds!

At the weekend I went down to London with Chris to take his nieces out for the day which was so much fun! We played mini golf which I very nearly won (I played pretty well considering usually I end up with a score so big it won’t fit on the paper!) and then we went bowling which although ended sooner than expected for me because of my old lady back it was still a real laugh.

Hopefully life will be a bit more fun next week after payday – thanks for sticking with me guys while I’ve been a prisoner in my own home!

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