Birthday Boys | xameliax Weekly Vlog #73

What do you do when your boyfriend and your boyfriend’s dog have the same birthday? Bake them matching human and dog cakes of course…complete with beer! Monday last week was a blur of peanut butter and chocolate fingers as I embarked on an epic mission to bake Chris and Archie matching birthday cakes having not baked in quite a while!

I’m not quite sure why I do this to myself a lot of the time but I do like a challenge. After a lot of mixing and ‘glueing together,’ the cakes were ready and they even survived the car journey over by some complete miracle!

Luckily they both went down a storm (you can find the coffee cake recipe on my blog here) and Chris was completely blown away – a day well spent I think! He loved his presents as did Archie and even the bits I took a risk one went down a storm…winner!

The rest of the week was a bit of a boring one I’m afraid as I’m a little on the broke side and until Saturday everyone was busy, so that ended up with a lot of night’s in front of the telly eating out the cupboards and freezer! On Saturday however, the girls came to the rescue and we pulled together a super low budget girls night with some oven pizza, supermarket deal wine and a good old catchup – who needs loads of money ey!

Although we did have a boy at girls night this time round – he couldn’t handle the pace.

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