When Toby Met Archie | xameliax Weekly Vlog #72

It’s been one of those instagram weeks again where I haven’t really been anywhere interesting enough to photograph! So here’s a grainy little one of everyone enjoying some tv time together…I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

This week’s been a bit of a steady one really – I haven’t really done a lot apart from try to keep the furry thing alive and work work work! I went to see Wonderland on stage with my friend Tracy which was interesting and then at the weekend I met Chris’ parents for the first time which was lovely – but as always the vlog shall tell you all!

I also got sent a set of gorgeous rattan furniture for my little courtyard which has excited me way more than it should have done! It’s the perfect place for a cup of tea in the morning or a glass of wine at night and it really jazzes up the place – now I just need some more plants and we’ll be good to go! The lovely people at Rattan Direct sent it over and you can find the exact bistro set on their website here. Really good value for the quality I think, I’m over the moon!

WATCH: xameliax Weekly Vlog #72

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Hopefully at some point next week I’ll do something interesting enough to photograph!